Ho Hum No

Why not?

Why couldn’t we make parking lots more interesting?  We spend a good deal of time circling through them and in my case cursing my way out of them.

I can tell you this.  I know going “green” is good but my number reason for developing fuel efficient cars?

It is impossible to back out of a parking spot safely if there is a Cadillac Escalade on either side of you.

If you buy one you should simply commit to never stopping ever at all except to gas up which would teach you once and for all the lesson of Detroit.

They gave us what we wanted not what we needed– on the highways or in parking lots.

©Pat Coakley 2008


9 comments on “Ho Hum No”

  1. OK, I thought I would share parking lots UK style. This particular one has been one of the “shames” of the UK since it was built in the 70’s gawd awful – but you might think interesting…lol UGLY! Even Prince Charles called it a disgrace! LOL.


    Sanityfound just moved 7 miles from this. You can maybe get her to go take better pictures of it for you. Its UGLY! But I know you Pat, you’d find it “interesting”.

  2. Well, if Prince Charles called it a “disgrace”….I just looked. It looks like a hive or some sort. So, I’m not totally grossed out but I’ll look at all the shots later. You came up as a new reader. You’ve changed your name. I’ll have to check this out later, too!

  3. I see the man in the picture looking at me, with his blue and green eyes. do you see him as well? I like him.

  4. O, I totally missed him! What fun a parking lot can be with the right set of eyes.

  5. Nice shot. I saw the face as well. I think you are so right about what we want and what we need. Every time I see a Hummer I wonder about how clueless and out of step with what is going on in the world it’s owner must be.

  6. Razz- too, here, on an island, we’ve seen more than a few Hummers.
    Why not go straight for a Bradley Fighting Vehicle! Where are people going in them?

    And now that the price of gas is getting lower again, the probability is that the collective mentality will learn nothing and resume stupid habits and ways.

  7. Oh, I am laughing now…why not go straight for a Bradley Fighting Vehicle?…I think Obama gets it about oil and alternative energy is going to be part of the stimulus plan that’s on the stove right now. Poor man, he’s gotta get a lot of things in not much time.

    Razz: Quelle surprise! ( nice one) I just read you were stepping off a boat from scuba diving so didn’t think you’d be stopping by for awhile.

  8. Nice shot again Pat. I never know what to expect when I visit here and that’s why I like it.
    Parking lots? Electric cars? We have two council recharging points for electric cars near us but it doesn’t stop one green family recharging theirs with a taped-down electrical cord across the pavement to their little wonder vehicle. I’m all for the green cars – they’re quiet, they’re efficient, they don’t require us to war over fuel. However, the governments need to provide a lot more than 2 refuelling spots per massive neighbourhood to encourage us all to get on board. They’ve also just cut the tax break for green cars in our district of London because it’s starting to cost them too much. I really don’t know what the future holds re: green cars. Just that the more people who get behind them, the fewer financial breaks there will be.
    Re: hummers, in fantasy world they’re really cool. In reality they guzzle fuel and take up too much room in traffic. That doesn’t stop people from owning them in London. Oh no.

  9. I immediately saw the face too :) I wish they made parking spots bigger and started ticketing those who could not find there way in between the lines. My last car got dinged and dented something fierce from parking at work. Bad parkers and possessed shopping carts make parking lots demonic for me.

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