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Nov 26 2008

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I tried to donate a turkey to a local Food Pantry today, the day before Thanksgiving, and they were closed.  Apparently, I missed the deadline.   Since I’m going out to dinner tomorrow, I  decided to roast the turkey myself late in the afternoon because I love the aroma of the bird cooking.  I figured I’ll make turkey tetrazzini or maybe a pot pie on Friday.

After the bird was done and I ate a wing, I realized that my jaw seemed to disconnect from my skull and that perhaps it was a good thing the Food Pantry was closed.  This was one tough bird.

So, I made soup, which I’m sipping now.  I can say this unequivocably: good soup is made from a tough bird.

So, on this day of national thanksgiving, I leave you with that bit of wisdom, gratitude for your visits and interest in this blog, and this photo of the flowers I am bringing to my cousin’s house tomorrow.

Today, I have not wanted to be in any room that did not have these flowers so I took a picture of them and have it as my screensaver.

They look so abundant and generous.  I walk by them and feel magnanimous, too.

This expansive feeling lasts until  I begin thinking of giving them away tomorrow.   I wonder if my cousin might not…maybe he and his wife might really prefer homemade turkey soup to flowers I tell myself with a straight face, and I’d just keep these flowers of abundance right here next to me until their petals fall off one by one.  Then, I’ll dry them and put them in a pie.

©Pat Coakley 2008


6 comments on “Abundance”

  1. happy thanksgiving pat :)

  2. One tough and tender bird is what made this blog soup the ” Blue State Special!”
    And why I come back to feast every day.

    Happy Thanksgiving dear girl and let’s be grateful for what we have.
    I say that as much of a reminder to myself as well.

  3. Luscious colour is preferable to tough turkey any day of the week for me.

    Just about every time I look at intensely coloured flowers I think of our very early ancestors and how flowers with their pure bright colours must have seemed almost magical. Most other things that occur in nature tend to be duller and made up of tertiary clours.

    I don’t think untill the medieval ages with the advent of stained glass was the any other way for the ordinary person to easilly see such beautiful colour than to look at a flower.

    So intense and emphemeral.

    A bit like life really.

  4. Beautiful, get to Card Makin’ Pat, one of your gorgeous cards would be on anyone’s Christmas list. (little yellow smiley thingy)

  5. I would definitely hang photo like this on my wall!

  6. Oh Pat… that picture is absolutely GLORIOUS!!! The colors are stunning! Amazing!

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