Little Miss Pale Green Grime Fighter, P.I.

By: pbcmedia

Dec 03 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Little Miss Pale Green Grime Fighter, P.I. is my submission for this week’s SPACC challenge: “Grime”.  (  P.I. is private investigator.  Think “Magnum, P.I.)

She is a barrel by a pond near my house.  People put all sorts of things in there. Inside this Grime Fighter is what I  can safely categorize as a “grimy” atmosphere.   I stuck my head in there to check things out and quickly decided to stick it right back out.

I looked “grime” up and found it is also a form of music.  What?  Some relative of Hip Hop music that started in Britain.  If I was young, I’d probably know that.  But, I’m old and grime has only one meaning.  I thought about emptying out my vacuum cleaner bag.  Nah.  I love this challenge but not that much.

I did for a minute think about doing some riff on Grimm’s Fairy Tales and while I ultimately rejected that notion, it is in fact what led me to Miss Grime Fighter, P.I.

I’ve captured the “dark” market recently as did so many of the Brother Grimm’s tales, but being silly and fanciful?  No, certainly not.  These characteristics that I usually have in abundance have not made their presence known nearly enough in these past few months (and foreseeable future) of hand-wringing.

So, I’ve created little Miss Grime Fighter, P.I. to clean the way ahead of any soot, spots, leaves, rocks, worry, anxiety, doomsday prophets, and big meanies, (no, not you Ross) as well as Dunkin’ Donuts bags and cups.

She’ll be vigilant and at the ready 24/7, sunrise to sunset, and all those witching hours in-between.

©Pat Coakley 2008








CHRIS: (SLACKER AS HE SKIPPED LAST WEEK’S CHALLENGE and I’m not sure is doing this week either)

15 comments on “Little Miss Pale Green Grime Fighter, P.I.”

  1. I’m glad she has a sweet little nose and mouth Pat, otherwise I might have to say, she has quite the scary eyes. I guess all superheroes do though. You’re soooo brave to stick your head in, yikes!

  2. Grime Fighters always wear eye make-up, sweetiegirlz.

  3. Does LMPGGF make house calls? I know a few folks who’d be better off. If she does, tell her she should bring a case or two of Red Bull- she’ll need all the strength she can get. Really liked your post today. Visit me at:

  4. Nice color tones. The eyes freak me out, but I like where you took this challenge.

  5. Excellent garbage can shot. By itself it would have still been beautiful but I love the face you put on it. I love when inanimate objects have personality. I have never heard of grime music. I did consider plays on interchanging grime with crime, but I never thought of Grimm’s. Great job as always taking a simple subject and turning it around to be something more. I am also happy that you find a way to make grime hopeful.

  6. Your focus is fantastic and even though I’m allergic I want to pet you cat can.

  7. I love her come hither eyes.

  8. I love green. love ove love it. This is one of my favs this week because you made grime so soft and pretty.

  9. You guys should have a joint blog with not much work, not much to write and say, only to quickly dump all your SPACC there… we lazy readers could than easily look at all of them at once, not having to tempt our (well…my…) ultraslow mobile phone internet connections to open all of them in separate tabs and compare them and see them next to each other and enjoy them all. … any chance for a virtual SPACC gallery?
    Than, in a second step, we could all click the links to your own blogs and read more if we want some SPACC background or look at more P.I. pictures…
    I feel this reads a bit snappy, this comment…it is not meant to be that way, it really is a warm idea … since I tried to re-write it twice, and it still reads not the most friendly lines I ever wrote…
    hm…maybe take it down after reading?
    …or maybe I should simply have my morning coffee first…
    …or read less about grim…
    …a cold morning warm December hug from across the sea…

  10. Sanne, don’t worry about your response being the most friendly or being “snappy”, as it is clear your intent is good and it is indeed a warm idea!! I love that you are checking in from your mobile phone!

  11. Thanks, Saane. All very good ideas, and all in the works. When the challenge began I created a separate SAPCC wordpress blog and even bought a few unique URL’s as an independent destination. It’s on my list of things to organize when I pull my cranium from my…well, you know.

    Down the road, once we have a bucketload of challenges complete, we will select the best weeks and put together a book. (A real book, with pages made of paper and having nothing to do with this laptop burning into my leg.)

  12. That comment wasn’t snappy. It makes alot of sense. Since I hav enough trouble working this blog, I will wait for russ & brooks to make the move & give me instructions :)

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