Octopus Wash

By: pbcmedia

Dec 09 2008

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Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Oh, now, people!!  Motion Madness in a car wash??!!!

Why did it take me so long?

Is your car dirty?  Go to your local car wash and post your photos.

Yea!  Another series, called “Octopus Wash” because my then five year old grand niece upon going through her first car wash experience yelled out at the exact stage this photograph is taken, “Pappy, an octopus is eating us!”

Now, why didn’t I think of that?  All due respect to Jules Verne, that’s exactly what it looks like!

©Pat Coakley 2008


11 comments on “Octopus Wash”

  1. That is so incredibly cool! I remember sitting in the carwash a while back, thinking “Oh, look at these shapes – and colors – and movement – and energy – there’s gotta be a way to capture it all!!!”.

    And you just did.

    I love the contrast between the surreal shapes and the dashboard clocks. Speaking of which: Pat, you really need to fill gas soon ;-)

  2. Nava, you gotta get the Ultra Wash (wax and undersomething or other) to get the colors! They blink when the goo is being applied to the car! Oh, and laugh out loud! You are right about the gas!

  3. Oh, this shot is SO cool!! I actually had to look at it twice to figure out what it was.

    I have to do that in the morning too… just to make sure I don’t grab the box of Kashi instead of my beloved Boo Berry.

  4. Pomdog, Is Boo Berry a blackberry or a cereal? Cuz, if it’s a blackberry and you can’t tell the difference between it or a Kashi box, I’d be streaking to the Mass Eye and Ear Clinic in Boston for a spectacle check pronto. Maybe blackberry makes larger size models for the visually impaired? Don’t get me started on the cereal aisle of the grocery store or should I say cereal aisles plural.

  5. Nice shot.

    The exclamation of “Pappy, an octopus is eating us!” Instantly and inappropriately reminded me of an old erotic Japanese woodblock print by Hokusai called “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” or “Diving Girl With Octopus”.

  6. I thought for an instant the left side of the photo looks like a template of some money, like a dollar bill. “she’s taken to crumpling dollar bills, coooool” It’s art at it’s finest, that didn’t know it was art until Pat gets ahold of it

  7. Just brilliant ! Next try it with an umbrella and a convertible.

  8. forget the umbrella…

  9. Razz: “Instantly and Inappropriately”…sounds like a great title to me!

    Aw, Sweetiegirlz, I love that it doesn’t know it’s art until I get a hold of it! I do love everyday things to be sure. Good thing since I never travel anymore!

    Nkgee. You are just hilarious. The visual on this has made me laughing while I’m doing housework. Can you imagine the car wash attendant. “Um, Ma’am, you have to put your convertible top up.”
    Uh, No I don’t.

  10. OMG, as a child I have asked my father to take me to a car wash about one billion times. But he never took me. He used to say that it is cheaper to wash his car near the river.
    I love this photo. ;D

  11. oh how did i miss this one, what a beauty! jewel-like, thanks

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