More Fun Than Monkeys

By: pbcmedia

Dec 11 2008

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Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Seriously.  Why wouldn’t any photographer want to have their car washed every day?

The question is more along the lines of how can we afford to do it.

But, I’m now asking all my friends and family to save their ValPac coupons (they come in the mail weekly) and I am going to create  “Art of the Car Wash”  Exhibition.  Coming first (and perhaps only) to this blog but I do not care.

Join me, would you, wherever you are in the world?  You have an automatic car wash near you, right?  Drive on in.  It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

And, barrels of monkeys are alot of fun.

I hear.

©Pat Coakley 2008


14 comments on “More Fun Than Monkeys”

  1. First- I’d imagine you’d want to be far removed from an actual barrel of monkeys or at least separated by glass.

    I have so many vivid memories of going with my father and also feeling like I was in a low budget Japanese made sci-fi movie where the only safe place was inside looking out. ( might be allegorically true, still…..).
    Funny how the car wash experience hasn’t changed that much in decades.

    Love the energy and vitality of these shots, not to mention the ” what IS that ?” factor.

    I couldn’t participate since our only car wash is moi avec un ” Hose “.
    Although I bet to someone sitting inside while I was washing outside in one of my usual around the yard, paint stained clothes with clips and barrettes in my hair, I’D look like some sci-fi B-grade movie villainess.

  2. ha ha what a great idea, and anyway its about time i went and got the car washed, its a cavelike tunnelling experience and it really is fun better than an amusement park ride

  3. I have plenty of car washes near me… but no car!

    My boys and I used to get cheap pizza every Monday (they had a 2-for-1 special), and we’d drive through the car wash while we ate our first slices. It was always fun.

    I might have to borrow a friend’s car to take some pictures!

  4. I imagine a barrel of monkeys would smell bad and involve all sorts of inappropriate groping. Ugh!

    I blogged about you today, my friend. You and your homework assignments . . .

  5. Nice shot. Now all you have to do is look for different coloured car washes. The thought just occurred to me that you could also do the same sort of shot at one of those places that washes cars by hand.

  6. I have it on good authority from a biologist I know that a barrel full of monkeys is no fun at all. Apparently, his lab got a 55 gallon drum filled with formaldehyde and, you guessed it, monkeys.

    He’s a pretty serious scientist but it was, in his words, “Super creepy. Not fun at all”


    -Turkish Prawn

  7. I hate any game that there’s a big clean up.

    That includes Barrel of Monkeys and any drinking game I guess.

    I love your car wash shots.

  8. It will take me several hours to peruse the archives & find my pics from big papi’s first car wash. hmmmph. I’m still trying to figure out how to make your last challenge look even more like a migraine. I don’t have any photos of men with hammers. That’s always what I imagine… little men hammering into my skull.

  9. Well, how did I overlook this post? I’m going to give a group response: monkeys are never going to be mentioned in another post of mine!

  10. Since we grew up around the same barrel of cliche’s, I knew exactly what you meant by more fun….wherever did that come from? And why did it become part of our vocabulary without even a question of it. Amazaing.

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