No, it’s not Montana

By: pbcmedia

Dec 13 2008

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Category: Creativity, nature


Focal Length:21mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

No, this is not Montana.  This is where I live.  A commuter town to Boston.  An old mill town.  People want to live here for its access to Boston, to malls, to a major interstate.

I want to live here because I find reeds and skies near this pond that sometimes knock me down by their sheer beauty.

©Pat Coakley 2008


17 comments on “No, it’s not Montana”

  1. How far are you from Carlisle? SWMBO has relatives there, as well as several cousins in that vicinity, and this looks sorta familiar . . .

  2. It’s about an hour away, I think, Tysdaddy. I’ve never been there so I’m guessing. I ordered the Phillipe Petit books from my library yesterday! Can’t wait.

  3. It’s the kind of real big screen that no hi def TV can compete with.
    A knock out indeed.
    And a hypertension shield.
    I’m guessing that every day it looks different too.

  4. I looks like a really nice place. I don’t know how people can live right down town in any big city.

  5. I love New England.

    I might move hither and yon from time to time, but this is my home and I’ll always come back. Can’t help it. It’s in the blood.

    -Turkish Prawn

    • I’m always amazed Turkish how towns like mine…not known for its physical beauty or New Englandy look, has a beauty all its own.

  6. Blue skies in New England in the winter…. a rarity ! It is a beautiful, make you happy to be alive day when it happens !

  7. Classically beautiful. Your posts have been consistently excellent of late.

  8. What an amazing shot…

    Pat if I send you some shots of mine will you have a look at them? I posted some on my blog, but you can’t see detail….. Im curious to see how Im doing. If you have any tips for me.

    • Hi, ambergirl! I’ve seen the shots on your blog and think if this is beginner’s luck, you should stay a beginner. Very very nice. Tell me what kind of camera you have and then I’ll know how to advise you.

  9. Bonnie, I shoot there every day, not all keepers, but you get to know a terrain as you do a person.
    Hollis, Hoping you have some better skies coming, as well.
    Razz, If I had the money, I tell myself I would live in Boston with access to all my interests plus water all around the city. But, yet, I also think you are right and probably it’s a good thing I don’t have the money and just take the train!

  10. I got a total beginning set up a Canon 300d with a 28-90 lens. I didn’t want to invest a bunch of money if I wasn’t gonna be any good at it. But now of course Im hooked. I need to buy a telephoto lens and other stuff.

    I have taken lets see 38 shots total with my new camera. Out of those 38, seriously.. 30 came out where I wasn’t embarrassed. That was just me holding a camera for the first time and walking around with it. I have never even held a camera before.

  11. Amber, One suggestion I have applies to all cameras. Take the instruction manual and shoot a series of photos to familiarize yourself with each setting. Aperture priority, shutter speed priority. You can take perfectly good photos on Automatic but the potential to take more unusual photos will be in the manual mode as well. The only way you learn is to take it one page of the manual at a time. Digital allows you to learn without spending money on prints. Use this time to explore the differences and you won’t be sorry.

  12. what a beautiful beautiful place :)

  13. Thats a great suggestion. Actually, I did do that when I was playing with my camera and was using all of the settings for those photographs. I will try manual mode. That I did not try at all.. too scared for that one yet. And of course it has rained since then so no opportunity for photos. Tried moon photos… but not a good enough lens.

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