Every Day Not Every Other

By: pbcmedia

Dec 14 2008

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Category: Artists, Blogs, Creativity, nature, Personal Development, Photography


Focal Length:16mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Some days I go out to shoot at the very last minute.

Daylight is fading.  I have a window of perhaps 20 minutes.  I think about not going.   I just shot some beautiful sunset photographs yesterday, I say to myself.  I’ve worked all day.  It’s freezing cold.  A bitter wind is announcing a new weather front arriving.

But, I get my coat.  I know the secret of whatever talent I have.  It is the every day that brings me blessings not the every other day or just the days I feel like going.

©Pat Coakley 2008


7 comments on “Every Day Not Every Other”

  1. Nice shot.

    The ultramarine of the top part of your sky is one of my favourite colours. I could just stare at such skies forever.

    Your last paragraph reminded me of the old Buddhist maxim; “be here now”.

    I think the Buddhists are onto something (philosophically at least) with their understanding of how it’s always “now” and how we are always here. So many people just don’t seem to understand that the secret of going more out of life is the appreciate the moment and little things instead of constantly futurising or living in the past.

    • Yes, Razz, I think you are right to think of Buddhism. It sounds so simple to be present, to live in the now and yet I’ve finally realized it has to be worked at. To become a habit of living, as mundane on some days as other necessities and, yet, on some days, my my my, those blessings do come.

  2. I’m with Razz. Your last statement is a refreshing thought . . . to realize that creativity comes when we look for it every day, and not wait for it to come tomorrow.

  3. Tysdaddy, that realization is a recent one for me. Recent as in the past three months! Never too old to learn.

  4. What a nice blue sky! I haven’t seen bright sky for weeks, just clouds, clouds and more clouds..

  5. That isolated tree was so glad you decided to put your coat on in the freezing, fleeting daylight and record its’ beauty.

    I think having talent ( which you certainly do ) is the gift. Discipline is the job. And putting the two together advances the art.
    You’re an inspiration to me Pat.

  6. Palpinao, the blue sky lasted one day! We’re back to gray skies, sleet and rain. But, if you take pictures while driving…no, I mean, when stopped at a light, it can be quite beautiful.

    Bonnie, took me 63 years to get the discipline part! And, a global world meltdown to scare me into action. Other than that, it’s simple, really. Thanks!

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