Hudson Motor Car: I’m Asking Nicely

By: pbcmedia

Dec 16 2008

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Category: Aging, AUTOMOBILE, Creativity


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is an old Hudson.  Well, two old front ends of a Hudson Motor Car,  to be exact, welded together.

I’ve photographed it before in all sorts of lighting situations.  It sits outside an Auto Body repair shop near a big intersection about a mile and half from where I live.

I’ve decided that morning light in autumn shows it off to its best advantage.

I have to get out of my car to photograph it and sometimes people honk when they pass by seeing me lining up to get the right shot.  What on earth? I hear them saying as they slow down.  Didn’t I see you photographing this piece of junk last month??  Again?!  Hey, I’ve got an old rusty lawn mower in the garage!  C’mon, over!

Oh, calm down.  Wouldn’t you stop if you saw an iconic image of your age?

(“Neanderthal” in your case, but I’m going to try to be nice).

Wouldn’t you stop, let’s say, if a giant balloon of a New England Patriot football player was attached to the red light handing out foamy cups of beer?

Okay, “being nice” isn’t flowing naturally from me just quite yet.

Tell me this, Mr. Honker, what direction are you going if you are driving this Hudson?  It’s facing north.  And, it’s facing south.  So, where is the way forward?  I’m asking you nicely.  Which way is forward?

It’s a question many are asking themselves in one way or another across the globe and right here under my nose is THE image that suggests it all in a lighthearted but poignant way.

So, honk on.  And, I’ll be over to take a look at your lawn mower because rust in the proper lighting is, well, sorta beautiful, really. You’ve not noticed that?

Give me a few minutes, I’ll show you some beauty right here in this piece of junk sitting-well…sitting right here above that foam on your mustache.


4 comments on “Hudson Motor Car: I’m Asking Nicely”

  1. I can really identify with this old Hudson. Am I North or South? Left or right? Some of us are built a little funny…

  2. absolutely wonderful, the car, the photo, the thoughts, the writing, the message, funny, poignant, inspiring, thankyou

  3. take that one to the car wash….see what happens !

  4. As a car lover, I would stop to stare at this car everyday. I love it. As for the honkers, I am constantly bothered by the fact that so many people bypass so much free beauty & feel the need to mock those who see it.
    I was a few minutes late for work once because I was taking pictures of the sunset.. When I told my manager this, he said, “It happens everyday.” “I’m not late everyday.” “No, the sun sets everyday.” I thought it was so sad that he couldn’t appreciate this. A few months later, he was diagnosed with cancer. Once it was clear that he would recover, I was tempted to send him a copy pf the pic with a note about finding something beautiful everyday.

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