Cartwheel in the Snow

By: pbcmedia

Dec 21 2008

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D


I have to go the christening of my latest grand nephew and since snow driving is a knot in the stomach experience, I’m looking for confidence where I can find it.

I found it this morning.  I am going to drive as confidently as this little girl does a cartwheel in the snow.  It is a sculpture out in front of my library.  As a life long reader and lover of books, it is the perfect artistic expression to go with a public library.  I enjoy looking at every time I go.

The artist’s name I don’t know but shall get and update this post.  It is a woman I know who lives in Rhode Island.  I don’t know whether she is still alive but, here, in this little girl’s freedom and joy, she is surely still around.

My favorite moment involving this statue happened actually a few weeks ago.  A little girl (around 4 years old) accompanied by her mother ran to the statue and got up on her tippy tippy toes to look down the girl’s dress to see if she was wearing underwear!

O, I know this sculptor would love this story and anyone who might read this as well!

©Pat Coakley 2008


6 comments on “Cartwheel in the Snow”

  1. I just love that kind of sculptures. :) It is much funnier than boring sculptures of famous people.

  2. Oh I love this Pat.
    It’s like one of those snowball paperweights that you’d shake, turn right side up, place on your desk and gaze at until the last drop of fake snow settled down.
    I hope the flakes have settled down for you and that you were able to drive with your stomach in it’s place and your camera in IT’S place- probably your lap.

  3. Great photos over the last few days entries. I’m just catching up to them. I think snow is your new medium.

  4. I love this sculpture, Palpinao! Love it. I don’t know too many sculptures that make me laugh. Well, now that I think of it, some of Tara Donovan’s sculptures did but they are made of straws and common pins and plastic cups!

    Yes, I know, Bonnie, this little one in all seasons is a joy to behold but in winter? Much needed suggestion of movement when all else is frozen. There were no photographs yesterday. Two hands on wheel, white knuckle driving. My nephew, hell, everyone was amazed I made it!

    Thanks, Ross. Everything seems connected. I decide to learn about motion photography back in the Fall and then all of sudden winter brings with it another opportunity! Today, however, it is 10 below wind chill and blowing like hell. Sun is glorious but punishing to go outside. I’ll take photographs of heat rising from my stove.

  5. Meanwhile, here in the land of Oz, we’re all sweating our backsides off.

  6. Oh, Razz, I keep forgetting you are in summer although with you GBR photos, I should have an inkling!! Although, that is very far away from you so it could sort of be like Florida is to us? You know i’ve shown my ignorance with Captain Cook, here we go with the geography deparment, too!

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