Berry Happy New Year

By: pbcmedia

Dec 31 2008

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Focal Length:29mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is part Two of this week’s SAPCC theme “2008”.

The first part touched lightly on loss and ominous changes in 2008 through another “behind the wheel” shot.  Surely, we all have our own stories about this aspect of 2008.  I did not want to end the year, however, on that image or text, although I do not want to ever forget the lessons learned.  I read recently that someone said the opposite of life is not death, but fear.  I believe this.

So, how did I fight the fear?  As it turns out, I fought with two no-risk investments that kept on growing despite the doom and gloom: creativity and children.  It is hard to be consumed with fear and anxiety when someone hugs your knees when they see you come through the door.  It is difficult to give in to darkness when your mission each day is to go out to your world and bring back something worth showing your friends.   And, what I came to find out…to show to myself, to steady my jittery gaze.

I came to realize that consolation is not a magic wand but someone taking the time to simply bearing witness.   I was heartened by special folks around me who unfailingly make me laugh (NkGee), or those who say wise things (niece Alice) or those whose feet grew into the ground as chaos spread (cousin Mary) and those newly found miracle people who create order out of chaos, second cousin or is it third, Mary K–you who love Ebay and special used teddy bears.  Blessed are you who have taken the time.

So, my final image for 2008 is this photograph of the often photographed patch of berries and reeds that I have visited so often in the past few months.  Black ice surrounded it on the morning I took this photograph so I could not get out of the car safely.  I wanted to imbue this spot with an energy that it has given me unfailingly, day after day.

A berry happy new year, new friends as well as old.  I am grateful for your attention and believe in your talents.  Our talents.

Allow me to hug your knees.

©Pat Coakley 2008


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13 comments on “Berry Happy New Year”

  1. […] the work of Russ, Chris, Smack, Pat, Renee, and […]

  2. It’s positively electric. Energy it does have! and lottts of it.

  3. Do you know how mature I am?

    I’m so mature, I did NOT make a reed & berries joke.

    Are you impressed?


    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    Meanwhile, I love seeing your work, and I look forward to a new year of more great stuff. Thank you!

    And happy new year from the Pomeroy.

  4. My but has your work evolved over this past year. A note of seriousness, timely, given the events of the year, with humor lurking, waiting to come out again when it’s safe.

    Your blog is a gift. You inspire, cajole, needle, motivate, encourage, and grow us all a little bit more each day.
    Thanks for being prolific, wise and so creative.
    Oh 8. Good Bye. Leave the key on the table and get the heck out of here.

  5. Renee, now if I could just turn my zoom on myself instead of using caffeine!

    Pomeroy: Seriously. What might a reed and berries joke be about? Surely, this is not a topic at the comedy shack. Not that I don’t believe you could find humor in it somewhere! But, reeds and berries? Makes me laugh just thinking how mature you’d have to be to find comedy in them. Oh, THE goofy is your universe and of course it orbits green skittles 24/7. Wuv09 hyek hyek.

  6. Oh, Bon Bon, how did you slip in without me knowing?? You know you are right!! If Mike Huckabee needs evidence of evolution he should visit SingleforaReason!! If we all grew into ourselves with your mirror reflecting back our changes, we’d be lucky girls and boys.

    Onward. Together. Makes me happy to know that.

  7. Tremendous thought there. The opposite of life is fear. Wow.

    I suffer, at times, with irrational fears. This is a good thought for me to remember. thank you!

    Happy New Year, Pat! You are a gem in a grey world.

  8. I agree with Sweetiegirlz comment and even though it sounds like something Yoda would say, it’s right on. positively electric.

  9. Happy New Year! I wish you to discover even more amazing ideas in 2009!

  10. S. Le, I’ve have both irrational and rational and hands down the rational ones have been the worst. I’ve been unable to compartmentalize them or avoid them as I can do with some of the irrational ones. Here’s to fearlessness in 09!

    Russ, Yoda? Oh, you make me laugh, you really do.

    Paplinao, I’ll be watching and reading how you do with your to do list for 09!! You did pretty damn good on your ’08 one!

  11. This shot? Gave me an instant boost to my blood pressure. Maybe it’s the way it all just assaults the senses.
    Beautiful . . .

  12. As we hurtle into the future I also wish you a happy new year. I would’ve said this earlier but I’ve been out of town for a while.

    It’s been a good year and all the better for knowing you and I look forward to this new year with you.

    ….oh! By the way, nice shot.

  13. Brian, Zoom shots can be overused, but sometimes it is just right!

    Oh, Razz, the same to you…the year has been better for you and your stories. I figured you were away getting your mother high or perhaps your mother in law? I suspect you were cooking for them, though. With age, comes the benefits of a creative son.

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