Entrance Ramp

My town has easy access to a major interstate.  It was two large industrial parks on the either side of town that in non-recessionary times produces major truck traffic.

I used to complain about them.  Their size.  Their belching exhausts.  When I walked in one of the industrial parks, the noise of the trucks used to compete with my Ipod.

I don’t have any actual numbers but based on my walking and driving, I see fewer trucks, have quieter walks in the industrial park, and realized yesterday as I took this photo on Decemeber 30, 2008, I missed them.

I miss 18 wheelers thundering along the roads, along with other trappings of my life that seem insignificant to what other people are facing but upended me nonetheless.

This is part one of the weekly SAPCC challenge titled, “2008”.  Part Two comes later tonight after the storm ends.  Yes, another snow storm to herald the new year.

©Pat Coakley 2008


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6 comments on “Entrance Ramp”

  1. you know it and i know what you mean. its startling at times to note the ‘signposts’ as we move throo times of change (always really,
    but at a slower pace almost imperceptible-until NOW when standing out
    as if haloed, the things we find ourselves missing, in a way, a recognition or a salutation to a shift, a pause just for a second in the middle between two things happening, and perfect for the photographer (you) with the eye and magicians hand, especially these days of tremendous shifts oh and by the way snowdrifts, stay warm, happy new year Pat!

  2. […] first part touched lightly on loss and ominous changes in 2008 through another “behind the wheel” […]

  3. “Now when standing out as if haloed”…Tipota, what a original way of saying this. Not that I’m surprised. Just always delight in your phrasing and insights. Happy New Year to you!

  4. I love when you see the snow fly off an 18 wheeler in a solid flat sheet on the highway, not when I’m behind one of course. Just saying.
    you’re motion is beautiful as always!

  5. I have a good friend who is an OTR truck driver. Does long hauls for car dealers. I love to have breakfast with him when he gets back and shares stories from the road. He always sees the most interesting things . . .
    One day, when he gets the insurance loopholes figured out, I’m hitting the road with him for a week or so . . .

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