Tropical Jewels

By: pbcmedia

Jan 02 2009

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

“What the…..?”

I hear you.

You were expecting some other type of image?  Something in motion, perhaps?

Or a dead Queen Anne’s Lace framed against the sunset?

Or something with a steering wheel in it??

Well, Ha!

I started the new year photographing something new.  Something turquoise.  Something very expensive.  My cousin Mary in Florida sells such things and sent me, on a lark, a dress and the jewelry to photograph, primarily the jewelry cuz the dress is size 2.

I had no idea what to do with it, really.  I wished Russ Hickman lived next door with this studio and his knowledge of lighting and angle.  I don’t even have a flash.

I draped the dress on a tree with snow in the background.  O, I really did.  Then, I hung the necklace on a branch next to it.

They both fell in the snow.  I picked them up and saw that the necklace cost $1000 dollars.

I took everything inside and dried them off.

And, then just said “what do I like about it?”  The shape.  The color.  The contrasting colors in the dress.

So, I sidled up to this dress ensemble and necklace and had a smack down with a macro lens.

I have no idea whether this type of image is what she had in mind but I’m sure it beats the shot of the ensemble in the snow.

It is fun to try something new in the first days of a new year when nothing at all is expected of you except to try.



10 comments on “Tropical Jewels”

  1. Very nice. Natural outdoor lighting with a big snow reflector as definitely a good choice. A friend once enlisted me to take photos of her jewelry and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to light it to produce what I was envisioning. I’d love to see more.

  2. robins eggs it evoked at first. then as i read on they became the turquiose of the story, and very florida in their color and perfection (the windows reflected – ah!) i also want to taste them they look like candy maybe m&m’s. the texture of the fabric up close too. and i love the thought of the opportunity to try something clear of expectations – ah yes! thanks, absolutely stunning!

  3. mesmerizing, my dear. LOVE them.

  4. Lovely shot and color composition. And the story of dropping it all in the snow made me laugh out loud. Well done.

  5. I have given my friend Julie your blog address. You may soon be hearing from her as I know she will love what you do.
    This blog image is such a departure and surpise to me. Thank you for doing I am intrigued by the seductive call of the pattern beneath the turquoise of the beads and it makes me wonder about it…(of course I know what it is cause I sent it to you, but I saw flowers not the leafy flamestitch in between them) very interesting work cuz.

  6. I love the reflection of the window . . .

  7. Tipota, yes, robin’s eggs! Although ever time I see real Robin’s eggs they never look this color! (Note: It occurs to me that perhaps I’ve been looking at finch eggs or something.)
    Sweetiegirlz, for a mere 1 grand they could be yours!!
    Mt. Brooks, Yes, I laughed, too! Thank God, cousin Mary did too.
    Oh, cousin Mary, I’m glad you are intrigued. Me who never wears jewelry unless you’ve given it to me!!
    Tysdaddy and Chris, proper lighting for jewelry requires two walls of sliding doors and a blanket of snow outside.

  8. $1000? Wow. I would like to see the snow shot. I bet it’s an awesome contrast… Tropical colors & snow.

  9. Macro???? This appears to have pierced the molecular structure of the gem and photographed it from inside its’ atoms! Even the perfect little knots.
    Yikes, woman, that is one close up to shave for!!

    The colors are so luscious – they’d be a wondrous compliment to your muffins’ hair.
    Maybe on the dreariest of February days when you can’t stand it anymore but still feel compelled to head out the door with your camera, you could slip this on, with your pajamas and coat and sing ” na na na na na na, I know something you don’t know ” , to the people in the next car….
    Just an idea.

  10. The snow shot was a big ho hum, Conni. In my head, it was great. In reality, looked like a tornado had hit the area and the dress landed in tree.

    This is a nice color for my muffin top! I have a sweater this color but no kidding I am not a jewelry girl which is what makes this photo amusing to me. We’re going to do more tropical jewels (she is sending them up tomorrow) so stay tuned!

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