Snow, Again

By: pbcmedia

Jan 09 2009

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I tried on a pair of waterproof boots so I could walk into my favorite areas in winter when the roads are cut off by snow and ice.

When I overturned one boot to look at the price, $350, I decided the rubber but uncomfortable boots I have were just fine.  We are going to have another snow storm tomorrow.  Yesterday, we had 30-40 mph winds but no rain or snow.

The road was passable yesterday to the pond’s edge and I went to check on my Queen Anne’s Lace.  They survive on mystery alone.

No UGG boots for Pappy, either.  I tried on a pair of this fashionable and favorite boot made in Australia.   Each of my grand nieces and nephews has a pair, ages three to 11.   I trip over them when I go to visit.

They are not waterproof but they are comfortable.

What’s the point in weather like this to have $130 dollar  boots that aren’t waterproof? ((Kid’s size not adults–adults are $180 and up)

I have had my rubber boots for years.  Maybe 30 years.  They look brand new because they are so uncomfortable I rarely wear them.

That’s one way to economize: just don’t use the stuff you have.  But, how many roads in the past thirty years have I not gone down because of them?


©Pat Coakley 2009


7 comments on “Snow, Again”

  1. I used to work in a department store and shoe department managers stock answer to the question, “Are they waterproof?” was … “only up to the top”.

  2. I like this white one. It’s so simple and hopeful. Did you know that Ugg boots were invented for surfers? That’s what the insert in the box says anyway. I guess that cold, wet surfers could walk on the sand with them.

  3. “They survive on mystery alone.” ~how very profound. This describes a great deal of humankind I think.

  4. I despise Uggs. For $130, I am getting a year’s worth of shoes…work shoes, dress shoes & good sneakers… I am perfectly fine not having fine dead sheep on my feet. Go Pat!!!!

  5. PR, I’m having trouble not smiling at the thought of you working in a department store and saying all these off the way planetross things to your customers!

    Al, No, I didn’t know that surfers were the first market for these boots! Makes sense now that you say it, because they are supposed to be worn without socks, right?

    Sweetiegirlz, you know I think that line describes more than the reeds, too. But, these things..if looked at day after day, really do amaze me.

    Conni! Alright! Someone who hates “Uggs”! You are the first. I was ankle deep in snow yesterday with my regular Merrell shoes yesterday and thinking…hmmmm….now, if I had UGGs on the snow would not be coming into my shoes right at the moment but on the other hand, if it did, it would fall on my barefoot nestled inside the sheepskin. I think I’m gonna wait it out for now!

  6. Beautiful photo!

  7. I wear my cheap brown healed boots in the snow with my knee high soccer socks. My toes stay nice & dry & I get a calf workout while shoveling :)

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