Yellow Line

By: pbcmedia

Jan 14 2009

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I couldn’t pass up a SAPCC challenge of “Lines” other than on the road, could I?

Yellow line, of course.

Since the Fall, I’ve been spending time on motion photography and it is actually a seedbed for lines. Whether through speed of passage, as in this photograph, or in use of the zoom lens as in yesterday’s shot, “A Winter Pond”, the result is that the stilled landscape suddenly appears alive as the lines of the image begin to radiate out beyond their boundaries.

Actually, now that I think of it, it is what creativity feels like to me.

This little pearl I didn’t realize until I just wrote the sentence!

It is what Oprah would call an “Ah Hah!” moment.

Her latest ah hah is that she doesn’t have a food problem, she has a love problem.

Before I die, I would just like to know how much love I would actually need before chips are optional.

Just asking, people, just asking.

Have yourselves an ah hah day and don’t cross the yellow line.

©Pat Coakley 2009


Other SAPCC Participants:

Mt. Brooks





12 comments on “Yellow Line”

  1. You realize that the moment you tell a spirited person not to cross the line, well………
    OK, cross it, but come back.

    Do you predetermine your camera settings before you hit the gas pedal or are you jimmying around with them while driving? I know you’re a safety first gal but I’m interested from a photographers’ perspective.

    These motion shots are really compelling and produce an energy that even exceeds video. Because it relies on imagination and memory.

    I hope you have to run now to answer the phone and hear Dave say, ” she’s ready to go, come pick her up”.
    That’s what I hope.

  2. Lovely. Really evokes the dark bleak feeling of a winter road. I recall that feel (including the feel of sliding on the ice) after many years in Minnesota. I like the softness of the Winter Pond shot, too.

    As for crossing over the yellow line… from the perspective of the Virgin Islands where we drive on the left, my first thought was that you were already way over the line.

  3. Bonnie, I do no tinkering as I shoot but I do preset shutter speeds after checking exposure brackets. Still no word. I called. He hasn’t had a chance to look at it yet. Sitting on his bench, the woman said and he is out this morning. Maybe this afternoon. Yee. Gods.

    Don, thanks! You made me laugh out loud. I was already way over the line even when you are driving on the right side of the road! Framing is all she was heard to say as she drove off the cliff. Minnesota! Now, St. Croix. You are a smart man.

  4. I am having trouble writing about the photo becuase I am laughing at “How much love would I need before chips are optional?” I am tempted to add that as a favorite quote. LOVE it.
    I am composed now. I tried one driving photo for this week but I was using the 50mm so it turned out blurry in a bad way. As usual, I like the story that goes along with your photo as well. As I was writing my entry, I was thinking “Hmmm… I didn’t write alot… oh, it’s lines. What could I say about lines?” Then, I read about chips :) I want to go driving with you one day. you find the best streets. This photo is like the yellow line to nowhere… or everywhere.

  5. Pat, your driving shots are making me want to set off on a very long roadtrip. I can always count on you to present the allure of the road. A body in motion. Change in every instant.

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  8. i agree with brooks. It feels like a long journey, but warp speed as well

  9. The trees have my full attention. I guess because i am a person who rarely looks at lines unless I’m forced to. I love it, Pat. I hope you all are thawing out there.

  10. Conni, I laughed writing that line! Seriously, when I heard Oprah say that it was a love problem, not a food problem, I thought, “Good God, what hope is there for the rest of us? The whole world loves her!” I like your observation that the yellow line goes to nowhere or everywhere. Sometimes with such comments, I realize why I’m drawn to an image in the first place.

    Mt. Brooks, Thanks for these words. A body in motion. Change in every instant. Like Conni’s comment, I learn about why I focus on these images through the eyes of others.

    Smack, warp speed is a nice turn of phrase, too!

    Renee, Thursday, tomorrow, is supposed to start the true deep freeze! I really notice my age with this weather. Black ice this morning in front of the Auto mechanic shop was almost insurmountable for me. I made it in but I said to the owner, “Hey, if i go down, I’m off to THE home!” A lady sitting in the waiting room laughed so hard, she spit out her coffee.

  11. Where is my oh shit handle! Your car scenes are always so fun! I love how the yellow line pops out through the center of the photograph.

  12. Thanks, Russ! Where do you store your “oh shit” handle? Actually? Forget I asked.

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