17˚ Fahrenheit

By: pbcmedia

Jan 15 2009

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is what 17˚ degrees Fahrenheit looks like outside my door around 4 PM.  Tomorrow they predict below zero temperatures and wind chills that sound like Alaska.

I may not open the door again except to photograph skies like this.

©Pat Coakley 2009


11 comments on “17˚ Fahrenheit”

  1. beautiful photograph pat
    might i ask, how you made it appear circular(?)

  2. Greetings, Chloe…one day I’ll figure out how to type that accent mark on the “e”!! I think what you mean is caused by the wide angle lens and perhaps emphasized by a polarizer filter.

  3. Pat another beautiful picture…. wow…

  4. Looks cold but at least you can put more clothes on to get warm. One can only take so much off when it gets stinking hot. It was 42 degrees C (about 106 F) yesterday and today, but I kept my clothes on so I wouldn’t scare the children in the street.

    The circular effect that Chole mentioned is call vignetting and it’s caused by the light fall off at the edges of the photo that happens with all wide angle lenses (they have a smaller area of coverage over the CCD). The effect increases when large f-stops are used and it decreases with smaller f-stops.

  5. OK, I’m laughing. Love the picture, had no idea why the garage was crashing in, thought maybe you’d have to stay with me for the weekend, with your new french oven, why we’d be cooking so much, we’d only fit into photos taken with a wide angle lens.

  6. Thanks, Amber. I don’t have that good a view until the sky cooperates! Not like you with your pond right outside your window!
    Thanks, Razz, for the great explanation. I had no idea it increased and decreased with f stops!! Honestly, I should have known that. Oi.
    Mary, Hey! You left a comment! Yea! I am laughing now at the thought of a cook off with the two of us and having to call in a carpenter to widen the doors of your home!

  7. Brr. Literally. As I look at your photo, my apartment is about 60 it’s hovering around 11 outside with a wind chill of -2. Nice place you have there. It’d be nice to have all that space…

  8. hey, that’s how Lithuania looks like now!

  9. Chris, you do know that’s the parking lot and not my living room, right?? Much smaller INSIDE!!

    Palpinao: It feels like Lithuania, too!

  10. gosh, it is frrrrreeeeezzzzing

  11. That sky is gorgeous. You make 17′ look amazing.

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