Bono at Inaugural Concert

I’ll admit it:  I’m not a big fan of Bono’s music.  I know.  I know.  But, I enjoyed him yesterday.  I really did.

I am posting a series of photos today of the Inaugural Concert performed in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday, the 18th.  I am not a concert goer so photographing performers is a new subject.  I have the advantage, though, of loving music and having a HD set in my living room that allows me to zoom up and down with my camera with no one obstructing my view!

Hey, maybe I could have been a rocker.


But, I enjoyed taking these shots and was glad I was alone so no one would be passing by the living room giving me worried looks as I appeared to be dancing while photographing the TV screen.

Photography for Shut-Ins.  I’m not kidding.  It’s my niche.

I hope you enjoy these but most of all I hope you heard the concert.

©Pat Coakley 2009


This is the seventh post in my series called “Driving to the Inaugural.”   I am driving from my computer with the assistance of memory and past images and television and internet. Triple A doesn’t have road service for this journey even though I have a premium membership.  Here are the others in the series:







11 comments on “Bono at Inaugural Concert”

  1. ” In the Name of Love, One Man in the Name of Love”.

    I’ve loved this entire armchair series Pat. All of them.
    When I look at Bono next to two American flags, I’m seeing the international recognition of America as the birthplace of possibility, and the buoyed collective of the worlds’ citizens as well as our own.

    Oh there’s no over the top for you- since over the top is just where you want to be. It’s getting crowded up there, no?
    How swell.

    Love this series from you.
    I’m glued to the TV and resigned. With goose bumps.

  2. I agree. I am not his biggest fan & I think he is sometimes full of himself but I wonder, after yesterday, if that’s just Fox news getting the best of me. I never knew “In the name of Love” was for MLK, Jr. I did know that U2 recorded one of their earlier (far superior) albums at Sun Studio in Memphis which is about a mile or so from where MLK was shot. I never made the connection though.

  3. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get past the fact that I really hate everthing about that smug little git!

  4. Razz, You are not one bit sorry! Hilarious but not sorry. The glow of Obama lowered my resistance!

  5. Absofruitly stunning! Just don’t know why so many women go ga-ga over him, he needs to shave his toes for one! Sorry been quiet – have been slightly loopy

  6. I’m a big fan of U2.

  7. Razz, I am late getting to these comments but I read it in real time and laughed of course. I don’t know as much as you do about musicians but this has been the impression I have of this particular one myself.

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