The Boss

In case anyone is wondering.  I don’t drink.  Or, take drugs.

But, I do enjoy the Boss and worked on my TV photography skills during the 2004 ALCS baseball post season between the New York Yankees and THE Boston Red Sox ( down 3 zip and Red Sox came back won four yes count em four straight) and then, of course, more TV photography and for the first time in 86 years World Series champions resided in Boston.

©Pat Coakley 2009


This is the ninth post in my series called “Driving to the Inaugural.”   I am driving from my computer with the assistance of memory and past images and television and internet. Triple A doesn’t have road service for this journey even though I have a premium membership.  Here are the others in the series:









3 comments on “The Boss”

  1. Oh no, Pat, did you see me at Yankee Stadium for game 6? I was five rows above the Yankee dugout a few rows behind Spike Lee relying on people nearby with radios to explain what happened with Arod’s ridiculous hitting the ball out of the glove.
    PS We can agree to love the Boss. I am not a Red Sox fan but i love Big Papi & am not a Red Sox hater… Didn’t care for the “Cowboy Up” stuff though :)

  2. Conni, no way! You were there?? I can’t imagine the mood. Ever since the ’04 season, I have been less and less involved. Baseball was always tied up with my late brother and with the World Series and its drama. There just shall never be a sweeter win in the future. And, i agree actually…the cowboy up stuff was over the top. Oh, we can agree on many things!

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