Washington Monument

My tonightly “To Do” list:

Say Good night, monuments.   √

Say Good night, people.             √

Dream sweet dreams.                 √

©Pat Coakley 2009


This is the 14th post in my series called “Driving to the Inaugural.”   I am driving from my computer with the assistance of memory and past images and television and internet. Triple A doesn’t have road service for this journey even though I have a premium membership.  Here are the others in the series:














5 comments on “Washington Monument”

  1. I always love the joke.. why do they call it the Washington monument…. it looks far more like a tribute to Clinton than anything…lol

  2. Funny comment Amber-
    If it was truly to depict Bill, it would have been ” erected” under his desk
    and not standing high in the sky for everyone to see.

    We awoke early this morning with expectations of elation and a box of tissues at the ready.
    Since we’re on that little known time zone known as Atlantic Time, we’re one hour behind your joy.

    Heeeeeeere’s BARACK!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow – this one’s something else! It makes me think of near death experiences and tunnels leading to The Light. I wonder if you did something Freudian there, considering what today is about to bring in the way of a new world leader etc.

    Sorry for my absence recently. Very busy here in the middle of making yet more staff redundant. We came back from New Year and it was a case of “welcome back everyone. Happy New Year. Let’s have a meeting now to tell you that more people are about to lose their jobs…” Not the best return to work after the break.

    Where are you watching the inauguration?

  4. Oh, people! One hour behind means nothing today, Bonnie. We’re in to the timeless zone! Amber, forget all that. Truly. Nothing taints these monuments!! Epic, I was wondering about you, girl! Am so sorry it is yet more redundancies. I am watching history at my house, a friend coming over, but cannot not tell you how excited I am. I couldn’t be more excited if the two million people on the mall were in my living room.

  5. Amen, Pat. A loud, Amen.
    We did it.

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