Ambulance for Chris

By: pbcmedia

Jan 25 2009

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Hey, I’m still housebound but this shot I took in November is perfect for Chris of smallformat.   Look at this PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN WHILST LOOKING THROUGH THE VIEWFINDER and you’ll know that though we both take photos while driving, this ambulance is headed for his car.

As the comics say, “GADZOOKS!”

And, an interstate, too!  I’m afraid of those things even without a camera!

©Pat Coakley 2009


11 comments on “Ambulance for Chris”

  1. You have the neatest ideas….

  2. I think you’re starting to take a few too many chances. I’d hate to hear that you’re in an ambulance after taking such photos. I also had the thought that if you’re ever in an accident, your insurance company would be sure to try and use your blog (if it found out about it) as proof that you’re a negligent driver and not pay out any claim you may make.

  3. See, even Razz is now starting to get worried about you and your daredevil photography.

    Please. Wait until the car comes to a complete stop . . .


  4. Neat ideas, amber, can be dangerous. Razz is right.

    Jeez, Razz. If you are worried, the man who named his blog, all the dumb things because of all the risks you’ve taken in your life, then, I’d better listen. But, just so you know, many of my photos are taken, like this one, while stopped at a light or parked on the side of the road, like the one I took this morning of the Fed Ex truck. But, I do think I’ll confine myself to those situations!

  5. Brian, yikes, I’m in the crosshairs this morning. But, I do agree with you and I’m taking the cure: total stop cure I call it.

  6. Has my dead grandmother suddenly possessed this comment section? Everyone’s a worry wort… Pat, I’m sure that your years of driving experience have given you considerable skill in judging when it’s safe to perform a non-driving action while driving. Most every driver changes the radio, answers a cell phone, reaches for the thing they dropped under the seat, etc, and does so safely. So long as you feel you’re retaining enough focus on the road to be able to react to the circumstances around you, I think you should keep on with your behind the wheel series.

    Unless you’re a bad driver to begin with, in which case I agree with the others. So are you a bad driver?

  7. Ah, now, Chris….you are right of course in your own way. Yes, I am a good driver. A very cautious one, too cautious according to my nephews. They’ve described me along the lines of perhaps being a dead grandmother. On the other hand, I am one of those who feels talking on the cell phone or fiddling on your keyboard of balckberry or Iphone while driving should be against the law. So, I’m a hypocrite, I guess.

  8. This is yet another safety hazard! Snacks! Or, Drinking hot coffee that is sloshing around in a cup holder. I get your point but I don’t believe you or I would have much of a life as a motion photographer in Great Britain!

  9. Love the emotion this one evokes and glad it wasn’t you involved with that ‘bulance … brave nutters the lot of you!

  10. Sanity, I think “nutters” sans brave best describes us!

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