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Jan 26 2009

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Focal Length:33mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Trucks and trains.  I love them AND  I live in a town with two industrial parks and two exits off a major interstate and commuter rail.    I’ve got trucks and trains coming and going all day long as well as most of the night.  Photography for Shut-Ins 202 shall be Trucks and Trains.

I am going to try and take the best photos of trucks and trains in the coming month that I can.  My friend who came for lunch on Saturday loves Schneider National trucks and thinks I should sell my motion photos of trucks to them.

Good idea!  But, first, I have to find a Schneider truck!  They are bright orange so I should be able to pick them out.

This morning, I begin this series with FED EX.  They can never sneak into town, can they?  Their logo emerges through snow, sleet, torrential rain and practically jumps out at you in the early morning sun.

Tomorrow, who knows?  Maybe a Schneider or a Regency, the latter has a hub here so my chances for coming across a Regency or two are high.

My future as a trucks and train photographer begins one cab and caboose at a time.

Caboose.  I love that word.

Do you have a favorite truck?

(You have to admit—it’s a refreshing question and not often asked!)

©Pat Coakley 2009


11 comments on “TRUCKS and TRAINS, THE SERIES”

  1. My dear,
    I’ve been looking at moving vehicles in a whole new way, thanks to you! Almost pulled out my camera today on the freeway back from town this morning to take a quick shot of a “Speedy Gas” truck as it came up on me on the freeway! Then I remembered that my camera was battery-less! DRAT!

    My favorite truck? Right now I’m waiting (im)patiently for the UPS truck to pull up to my front door! Gotta love it when UPS comes calling!


  2. UPS is one of my favorites, too, Garsy! But, I have to admit it’s what inside it that gets my heart racing most of the time! Whenever I buy a new photographic or computer something it usually arrives by UPS. I’m waiting for my new business cards right now, supposed to be here tomorrow! Yea! Maybe I’ll meet him at the door with the camera and take a few shots from terra firma!! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Very nice colour! It almost looks like a horizontal version of Brancusi’s “Bird in Space”.

  4. Razz, what a nice suggestion, a horizontal Brancusi. I just went on line to check it out!

  5. can you find the arrow in the logo??? you know how challenged I am in locating these things.

  6. Hollis, Just looked it up:

    The clue is that the arrow is located in between the alphabet E and X, and the arrow is white, acting as a background.

    See it now? No matter how many times it is pointed out to me I can never remember where it is.

  7. I like how the snow seems to be billowing into the truck with all of its might. OR it could be the roadrunner running away from the Fed Ex like in those old cartoons.

  8. Conni, now I laughed thinking of that road runner nearly getting squished!

  9. FedEx reminds me “Cast Away” with Tom Hanks. ha. I’m not a big fan of trucks, but I love the new series

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