Sky Train

Another storm today.  Starts tonight.  I started a bit earlier with the aid of technology and some train images from yesterday.

I think this image shall go through several versions while the storm rages.

Laugh of the day: while logging on to wordpress,  I saw a headline on a blog: “Limbaugh says, “Obama is afraid of me”.

Note to Environmental Protection Agency:   Can’t we reduce Mr. Limbaugh’s human emissions at the same time we work on reducing those green house gases?

©Pat Coakley 2009


7 comments on “Sky Train”

  1. Now this is a really good image and I just love it.

    As for Limbaugh (yes we’ve heard of that toe rag hear in Oz), one has to wonder about his love for his country when he declares that he wants to see Obama fail because he feels that any success Obama will have will usher in socialism. Limbaugh is more interested in his rich mates being able to keep up their damaging and rapacious ways than what is good for his country and the rest of the world. So much for Limbaugh’s sense of democracy when his major concerns are for the wealthy minority and the working class majority can go to hell in a hand cart.

    I saw a great placard held by a worker from Detroit, demonstrating about the Bush bail out of the auto industry; it read, “now billionaire left behind”.

    Bush is yesterday’s man and Limbaugh is yet another failed attempt by nature at humanity.

    Einstein once said, “”We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

  2. The image is positively frightening. wow. The train looks like a bullet.

  3. What I said yesterday? About taking pictures in your car?


    Can I get this one, mural sized, framed? A postcard, maybe.

    You got skilz, girlfriend . . .

  4. Razz, I’m beginning to treat each photograph I take as a beginning sketch on a blank canvas, just waiting to be fleshed out through paint and strokes. This series strikes a chord deep within me, I think. Who knew? Trucks and Trains. Maybe my father really wanted another boy!

    As for Rush…that placard story is wonderful! And, Rush’s only interest is Rush. Has always been and obviously ain’t changin’.

    Renee, you know, it is frightening in it’s own way. And, that is a deliberate element on my part. I enlarged the train slightly as well as altered the color scheme. I am going to be in a group exhibit next month and think this may be the piece. The theme is “Money” or at least that’s how I interpret the theme. (It’s actual name is Currency which you may or may not remember from many posts ago was a name that I found a little like trying to polish a you know what.

    Brian, You men! Always changing your mind! Or, is that women? Oh, well, send me your address again would you? I’ve made a card of it.

  5. Beautiful image but hilhairyass comment below, can we not lower our green house gasses by adding a few more to your list Pat? Please?

  6. Sanity girl, make a list of names, we’ll send it off to the EPA!!

  7. […] called, “Trucks and Trains”.  Here’s one image of a winter railroad crossing, One, and if you want to see more try clicking on “Archive” at the top of the post and […]

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