“Low Clearance” the train trestle said.


No kidding, Dick Tracy.

I suggest they repaint the trestle to “Bridge Limbo”, a engineering version of the African dance meant to symbolize the whole cycle of life.

In Bridge Limbo, if you don’t make it under the bridge, the cycle of life ends in a nasty crunching crashing steel jaggedy sound followed by a simple:


©Pat Coakley 2009


4 comments on “BRIDGE LIMBO”

  1. Whoa… we’re moving again! It’ll be ok if we just duck. Very nice.

    I can tell spring is on its way up there, just by the light in this one. Blue sky, even!

  2. Don, it is funny you should mention this blue sky because I have never seen such skies around here…blue skies I have seen but light blue, robin’s egg skies I don’t every remember and this month, in between storms, these skies have caught be by surprise! Thanks for visiting.

  3. Is that the bridge in Islington? If so, we used to ride our bikes under it to get to the town!

  4. Yes, Al! That’s the bridge! On my way over early Thursday morning, I took this. It is totally amazing to me that each time I pass it, I don’t find a big truck stuck underneath it or a collision of two normal size vehicles because it is that low as well as narrow! The thought of you riding your bikes underneath it??? O, Pappy’s nerves would have been shot!

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