Miss Adorable

By: pbcmedia

Jan 31 2009

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Focal Length:34mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Ok.  I officially give up.  I can master trains, trucks, speeding vehicles, ambulances, 18 wheelers– but a three year old in motion?


I cannot get this sweet thing in focus for the bloody life of me regardless of ISO or shutter speed, so I went for her shirt.  She is in constant motion singing, talking and jumping on and over me at any moment.

And, seriously, people.

If I were a parent, nothing would be in focus.  NOTHING.  How do parents do it?

I’m in awe, really.

©Pat Coakley 2009

Photographs Cannot Be Used Without Written Permission

6 comments on “Miss Adorable”

  1. I have wondered the very same thing and the ones I look after are older… scary stuff but adorable photo, she’s a cutie and I’d have a problem not spoiling her tsk!

  2. Sanity, I am not kidding in the least. I threw myself down on the couch to rest, closed my eyes and the next thing I know all three years of her crashed on my tummy, “Wake up, Pappy!” Then, several stuffed animals were whacking my head. I’m awake but not in control.

  3. oh, three year olds can be very very active. There is no way to stop them.

  4. Ah the art of photographing little ones. Take hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pictures and if you are LUCKY, one in maybe each of those hundred will be in focus with them smiling! Good luck! Either that or give them a huge lollipop or ice cream cone and start snapping away!

  5. The shirt says it all…

  6. My niece has always loved posing for me. Thank you for reminding me to take her picture soon :)

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