Dirty Snow

By: pbcmedia

Feb 02 2009

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Category: Before the Storm Series, Trucks and Trains


Focal Length:58mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

There are mounds of dirty snow everywhere you go.  Outside my kitchen window there is a small pyramid of snow thanks to the snow plow with street side totally black.  But, no fear.  Tomorrow, another storm.

I’m not kidding.  6 more inches of fresh white snow.  Oi.

My favorite story of the last 24 hours  is not weather related but involves a balloon delivery to my grand nephew in Washington, DC.  He turned 4 yesterday and I ordered him some balloons and a teddy bear.  My niece called and said that a man had come to the door with a bag with two teddy bears in it and when she asked where the balloons were, he said, “In the bag.”

She looked in the bag and sure enough the uninflated balloons were at the bottom of the bag.

She looked at him and said, “But, they’re not blown up.”

“Oh,” he said, “You want them blown up?”


©Pat Coakley 2009



12 comments on “Dirty Snow”

  1. I hope the delivery man didn’t want a tip. lol. That’s just funny! Wow. The picture. Very Transformer-ish. I feel the Powwah! Sorry to hear your winter sucketh.

  2. Oh, you want them blown up? He was high, right? Saved all the helium for himself? Oh how very disheartening, that he could really not have known. I love this photo, Pat.

  3. glad you did’nt order a teddy bear and a dirigible !

  4. Seriously? Wow. You would really think that people would be bending over backwards with their customer service in this climate.

  5. That’s a very funny anecdotal ” you must be kidding”.
    I presume the teddy bear had stuffing in it?

    Oh how tired you must be getting of winter. And the snow trucks- even this one that looks like it’s emerged with determined purpose.
    But enough already.
    I can only recall the winter of 92/93 in NYC when we had 17 snow storms back to back. And freezing temperatures.
    Cars were frozen in place on the streets, some of them for 3 months.
    Like bugs in amber.

    Damn but February is the longest shortest month.

  6. Hello, all. The story has a happy ending! The delivery man, as messed up as he was said he’d take the balloons and come back “Are ya gonna be around the rest of the afternoon?” he asked my niece. So, off he went and she was placing no bets that he’d return but he did a couple of hours later. Her husband said he looked more messed up than earlier but the balloons were blown up! The four year old was happy.

    It’s funny, but a little bit sad– this story.

  7. Sads that the messed it up, lazyass nits sheesh!

    Want some of our snow, I can ship you some? Theres tons of it in the garden and in my shoes and in my hair and everywhere… why do kids like snowball fights so much? Oh was just told it was payback … riiiight

    I love the image above, how you got the blurred motion around that central focus … just awesomes!

  8. I heard England got a big snarly storm, Sanity, and I thought of you!

  9. love this photo and the story! starts like a rhyme
    ‘Mounds of dirty snow
    Everywhere you go’
    and ha ha i would add my two cents worth at the end:
    ‘when a child is four, he really needs much more
    than teddy and a flat balloon,
    did you just get here from the moon?’
    Sheesh. so now you have to specify that the balloons being delivered for a birthday child, actually should be inflated,(next year when he’s 5(ordering): “…yes, right, inflated, yes I would like the balloons INFLATED, yes thats what i said, inflated. Please. With sugar on top. Thank you!”

  10. Now, tipota, you’ve given me an idea. I should rhyme some posts. Oh! That’s right….I can’t rhyme! Silly me.

  11. Oh come on, how can somebody deliver uninflated balloons ;D

  12. Palpinao, I think some illegal substances were involved! But, at least, he came back with them inflated! It is unbelievable, though.

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