Anxiety 2.0 (2.0.1)

By: pbcmedia

Feb 28 2009

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

After the previous post, “Anxiety 2.0“, I decided it should be a series AND a series with updates, just like any other software release.  When software bugs are discovered and addressed, they issue an update, right?  Any one who would like to join me in charting the course of anxiety through the next year, feel free to let us know when your image or words are posted.  The more the merrier.  We can’t throw money at it– that’s the government’s job.  We’ll throw creativity at it.

Pow! Kazaam! Creativity ‘s power has never been needed more in my life and I suspect a few others.

Anyway, this first update (2.0.1) is so soon because I forgot to include one thing in the initial post.

A big difference to me between Anxiety 1.0 and Anxiety 2.0 is the tiniest, faintest whiff of exhiliration that I get when I realize that someone is in charge who is a grown up.

He is not wobbling his lower lip with faux intensity, but telling it as it is:  It is going to get worse before it gets any better.  But, and here are the exhilarating touches–tendrils that are as tender as the green shoots in my frozen backyard– He is equal part present and future.

Without knowing one thing about President Obama’s medical history, I’ll go out on a limb and say definitively: This man will never have an anxiety disorder.

Those of us who do know that living too much in the swirling fears of the present can cancel out the future, not just as a troubling vision– oh, no, that would be manageable–but as a concept itself.  You go from anxiety to extinction in 60 seconds.  We anxious twits go from bleak to bleaker faster than a Lamborghini.

So, we need others to remind us there is a future.

Anxiety 2.0 has that.

That’s not to say, I do not have white knuckles or that I don’t buckle and unbuckle my seatbelt on an hourly basis,  but it calms me, it really does, to hear plans for health care reform, education investment, alternative energy proposals.  Survival is a pre-requiste for those things.

So, it’s where I start.  We’ll survive.  Then, we’ll get better.

Now, let me throw salt over my shoulder.

Kidding, people.  Just goofin’ the tiniest little bit.

(PS.  I chose this photograph for reasons I did not talk about.  Something to do with doors (entrances), keys to them, and in the case of this door from a meeting house in my town dating back to 1853, it has a succession of ways it has been locked and unlocked over the years.  Keyhole. Latch. Deadbolt.   What opened the original door in 1853 gave way to that which opened it in early 19th century, which then gave way to a YALE lock.  You see where I was going with this, right?)

PS. #2: I lost a bet and have now posted on Twitter. Seriously, I can find more ways to bore people than Carter has pills.  My twitter name is w1kkp, too.

©Pat Coakley 2009


6 comments on “Anxiety 2.0 (2.0.1)”

  1. It’s the long-gone paint fleck revealing years-ago-yellow that I first noticed. Then the aged copper. Then the “Yale” on the lock. Why is this so much better than if it still had a smooth coat of white paint? Or a genuine copper-colored assembly? I’m a bottle into the evening, so my opinions are best left out of the assessment, but I do think I’m onto something here. Being about ten photographs behind on your blog, I eagerly await my next click here.

  2. Hey! You’re twittering now?! Better make that Anxiety 3.12 . . .

    Great series, my friend. I am learning to live in the now that is my circumstances, knowing that change, while never easy, is coming . . .

  3. Here’s a quote from Babba Ram Das that might help: “Worrying is like praying for bad things to happen”.

  4. Oh, Razz! I need this quote, today. N.E.E.D.E.D it, I tell ya. Thanks.

    Brian, I lost a damn bet and now have twittered three times for god knows what purpose. I saw the CEO of Twitter interviewed by Charlie Rose at noon and still don’t know how to use it.

    Chris, my blog looks better after a bottle, I feel sure! Two bottles? I’m genius. Anyway, I love how many architectural and materials details you always see.

  5. Ok, this has to be one of my absolutely favorite shots of yours ever… brilliant!! I love this! :D

    I love how you just see these things and make them art…. that truly makes you an artist Pat. You inspire me to try harder with my photography.

  6. Really well seen, bravo.

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