Photography for Shut-Ins 101

By: pbcmedia

Mar 02 2009

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Category: BEHIND THE WHEEL SERIES, Creativity, WEATHER, Winter


Focal Length:23mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

When travel is not possible, walking dangerous– not the least of which is lack of visibility in a blizzard–look around your house.  What is there that catches your eye, even if for a brief moment?

Answer: A photograph after storm #5 was over, back in early January, and I ventured out toward sunset.

This is another entry for my “Photography for Shut-Ins” series.  Post a photograph taken on another day and remember to charge your batteries for the future.

Then, have another hot chocolate with marshmallow fluff.

©Pat Coakley 2009


10 comments on “Photography for Shut-Ins 101”

  1. I forgot to say that this is a handsome photo.

  2. Just looked at your latest production, looks as if you are on a NEW path. Trail blazing?

  3. Jean-Claude (written in my best Simone Signouret accent. I bet that name dates me!), yes, a new path, indeed. It found me, actually. I’m just trying to read the signs along the way! Thanks for visiting both!

  4. Talking about Simone, I just watched again Room at the top – [ -]
    She was fabulous. I have yet to watch Madame Rosa. Just have to press the play button. Will also look at The Diaboliques.[]

  5. Somewhere in space lives my comment to you from yesterday on the shopping cart photo, which I love for all it represents- that solitary soldier, empty, abandoned after being filled with provisions like mini marshmallows and hot chocolate and soup.

    Movies, blogging, photo taking, electricity, slippers, no dogs to walk- I’m thinking about you.

  6. I love the way how the light reflects off the wires. It helps with the sense of movement and it leads one’s eye around the corner. Nice.

    I sometimes think that photography is a bit like one of those moon missions where rocks are collected over a short period and then are still being analysed 40 years later. That’s one of the reasons why I don’t throw out any images; because they can mean something completely different to me years later.

  7. a kind of tunneling effect with light at the end of the tunnel, i also like the lines scribed so delicately in the wires and the brushlike strokes balancing on the opposite side. and i thought we were done with winter last week.
    yet your picture from january seems to be a promise, i’d like to take back that day and replace yesterdays storm with it. i guess spring around the corner is a matter of degree.(no pun intended)

  8. These motion shots are always so vivid. So cool that you can tame kinesis like this.


  9. Wonderfully processed photograph. Very cool blog, I’ll be back!

  10. you scare me…. driving and taking photos… stay off the damn sidewalks…. beep beep!!!

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