First Truck of Spring

By: pbcmedia

Mar 20 2009

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Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I was asked this morning by a man on the phone helping me fill out forms for a new financial account, matter of factly, “Are you alive?”

“Excuse me, ” I said, thinking, “Nah, he didn’t just ask me if I was alive, did he?”  We’d already been talking for at least 10 minutes.

“Are you alive?” He repeatedly this question matter of factly.

Oh, thank you, I said, for reminding me.  And, for a moment I laughed so hard, birds flew from the nearby tree outside my window.

I photographed this truck, the first (regular readers know they’ll be seeing more.  Sorry, Nkgee) of this first day of Spring.

As it appears to glide into the clouds, I felt something as it passed by me.  I clicked the shutter and felt it–a vibration from its weight on the nearby road, I wondered?  It’s ghostly appearance, maybe, had triggered something?

Whatever it is, it’s proof I’m alive.

It’s official, too, because the correct box has been checked on the form.

Alive in my own unique way, too–waiting in industrial parks in the early morning, hoping to capture trucks and skies.

We all celebrate winter’s end in our own way.

©Pat Coakley 2009


6 comments on “First Truck of Spring”

  1. glad you made it through the winter

  2. beginnings, like spring. i never would have imagined but i find the truck to be beautiful! and the sky, so expressive and omnipresent. are we alive? as far as i know…unless we passed in dreams to a parallel universe or something…

  3. For me this is a really special one of your truck pictures… I think it’s those dark clouds near the horizon. And the light at the beginning of a spring day.
    I am recovering from a bout of computer failure. So if your computer dies, are you still alive? Does the box need to be checked to be sure?

  4. Thanks, Davis! It was as long a winter as I remember in a long, long time.

    Oh, Tipota, that’s exactly it, isn’t it? The line between alive and dream keeps moving. I’m so glad you find the truck beautiful, too.

    Don, I am happy you find this one special. It was the last photograph of the morning (248!). And, smile. If your computer dies, are we alive? Oh, I don’t want to test it out, I can tell you that!

  5. ‘It’s ghostly appearance……it’s proof i’m alive” Hmmm?

  6. For some reason this photo caused me to think of ice cream – ice cream in the van going from factory to supermarket, ice cream in the sky, like an edible image of ice cream all around. The temperature even looks like ice cream. I know that you can’t really SEE temperature, but that’s what this photo does to me – ice cream ice cream ice cream. Pat – what’s your favourite flavour? Why not treat yourself today?

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