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Mar 25 2009

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Camera:Canon EOS 5D

The President of the United States held an hour long news conference last night.  It was the only television I watched.  I did not listen to any cable pre-conference or post-conference.

A correspondent questioned why he had let two days go by, after finding out about the AIG bonus information, before sharing  his”outrage” with the nation.  The clear implication being: there appeared to be something disingenuous about the President’s “delayed” reaction.  .

President Obamat listened to the correspondent phrase the question in his best faux  “just the facts” way  several times, and then, The President simply responded after a puase, “I like to know what I’m talking about before I speak.”

I don’t think anyone’s going to be taking the President’s lunch money on the playground anytime soon.

©Pat Coakley 2009


©Pat Coakley 2009


  1. I LOVE the way you said this and tied it into the slide in the playground.
    He is a master of thoughtful responses, whether rehearsed, studied or on his capable feet.

    Some reporters get exactly what they deserve.
    I’m optimistic that we got the leader we deserve.

    Back to the playground? I’d like to see a few former political thugs behind monkey bars……..

  2. at least you didn’t bring up teleprompters or birth certificates

  3. I took this photo several days ago thinking I was going to use it to talk about the new White House swing set that is outside of the Oval Office! Swing set is a euphemism for tunnels, slides like snakes and levels of access that actually do require a monkey in order to access them. But, I think it fit the press conference perfectly!
    Davis, I’m not quite sure what you mean (remember I’m not listening to all the talking heads these days) but I think you can tell from this post I couldn’t be more impressed with this man if he personally came to my house and restored my retirement savings! I’m about five minutes away from putting an 8X10 glossy of him on my wall like my grandparents did of FDR.

  4. Your compostition here is so wonderful. I really need to take lessons from you so I can stop cropping the sh%t out of my pics.

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