White Picket Fence-The Series

By: pbcmedia

Apr 09 2009

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Focal Length:30mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

There is nothing more iconic to the American dream than the white picket fence. A city penthouse owner would know this term. It suggests a dream realized and safety within its perimeter.

Since most of us are in a state of dream and safety disrepair, I am starting a Spring series about mending fences–one slat at a time, one jagged paint chip at a time –until fully restored or a new dream is dreamt.

Whatever comes first is alright by me.

Do you have fences that need repair?

Show and tell.

Please, do.

©Pat Coakley 2009


**This is my 366th post since beginning this blog just about a year ago. I guess that qualifies me as a daily blogger, right?  In fact, I started a photo blog of my town in March, 2009 to display the daily images that interest me for one reason or another of my New England landscape.  It is also a daily blog but no commentary–even daily bloggers have to shut up sometimes.

Here is the link to what I call, “My Franklin”.

“Woo Woo” an’ all that jazz.

5 comments on “White Picket Fence-The Series”

  1. Pat, too many fences need repairing around here. Mostly metaphorically.
    This is a wonderful photo with a great sense of rhythm. Ah, and that texture of the peeling paint!!

  2. “mending fences” “don’t fence me in” “good fences make good neighbors” … So many meanings for fences and their repair.
    Congratulations on your 366th post!

  3. Did you isolate the fence from the background & keep some color in the bg? I love how crisp & strong the effect makes the fence look. Like, hey our paint is peeling but we aren’t going anywhere. Great sign of the times. Well, an optimistic sign. Not all the fences are that lucky.

  4. I award you the position of Secretary of DaFence!
    For blogging not only with frequency, but with eloquence and visual stimulation.
    Your posts would be a welcomed daily column in a widely read newspaper.

    It seems that spring is having a positive effect on you. Tulips and all.

  5. I love the starkness of this photo…. beautiful light on it.

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