By: pbcmedia

Apr 11 2009

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Category: Flora and Fauna, Flowers, Humor, Life, Personal, Photography


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I love these grape hyacinths or Muscari, as they are more technically known. My neighbor reminded me of their “official” name and I prefer it because hyacinth is hard for me to spell correctly. I always have to look it up!

©Pat Coakley 2009


7 comments on “MUSCARI LOVE”

  1. I prefer “muscari” because I always like to break out my Latin/Italian accent. Moo-scahree!

  2. So funny, Chris! In your honor, I am going to post another Moo-scahree!

  3. Hi Pat… did you get that actual color from the photo, or was it doctored in Photoshop? I don’t get that deep of a blue, and its beautiful…

    Lovely photo as always.

    • Amber, for some reason, most of my flower photos, particularly in macro mode, require no Photoshop at all in the color department. Only an occasional levels adjustment.

  4. Love that dewy, drippy center staged blueboy. A lovely indicator of spring and then, who knew hyacinth had another name!
    Maybe you want to stay away from chrysanthemum. ( sheesh, even spell check had a hard time with that one )

    I’m so drawn to macro shots. What we’d otherwise miss….

    • O, I just call it the “C” flower. Forget it. Plus, I’m not crazy about them anyway! I love macro but it usually means I have to bend down and that means having to get back up trying to look graceful.

  5. Thanks Pat.. mine don’t normally either… just that blue is really magic.

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