Spring Cleaning, The CAR WASH Series

By: pbcmedia

Apr 11 2009

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

There are benefits to aging. You get a discount for the “Ultra Wash”.

Washing, waxing, undercoating, sealing, tire rimming, rust inhibiting, a lovely hand towel dry and, as always, 120 seconds of photographic possibilities.

I tried for the senior discount for the “Super Clean” but no go.

I had to pay for that interior cleaning, vacuuming, polishing but they did find 3 dollars worth of change in between my seats and crevices.

My 10 year old car looks and smells like a newborn. They had to change their vacuum bag is all I am going to say about my car’s hygiene, OK?

The young boy doing the cleaning is a charmer, too. “Oh, I’ve seen much worse, Ma’am.”

“Mini-Vans,” he said. “Now, THEY are the worst.”

I’m clean and I’m not the worst. It was indeed a Good Friday for this agnostic.

©Pat Coakley 2009


Here are a few other images in “Car Wash, The Series”:




4 comments on “Spring Cleaning, The CAR WASH Series”

  1. There’s something quite sinister about this shot. It almost looks like a crow has smashed into you windscreen on a rainy day. By the time you finish this series you’ll have to get your car repainted because you will have worn off the paint!

  2. Razz, I am always amazed how sinister a car wash can be! No, I’m not kidding. The sounds, the thrashing around…it is an odd experience. I don’t think you’ve been in many! Maybe Australia’s car washes are bad for your cars but seriously, my car is already 10 years old. The color is still black! Maybe I have been lucky but honestly you don’t hear that car washes are bad for your cars up here. To the contrary, with the amount of salt used during the winter, they say leaving it on the car can eat away at the exterior!

    But, I do love the smashed crow image! I am going to look at this image this way from now on! It’s a powerful suggestion.

  3. Clean and not the worst. Now that’s funny although doesn’t go nearly far enough to describe you.
    We fight the endless futility of clean vehicles here from salt deposits, to Sahara dust, and road dirt from drought like days on end.
    I would so love to have a car wash. I’m not nearly as reliable as your young man since I can’t seem to pay myself enough money to make this task desirable.

    I have memories of going to the car wash with my father many decades ago and feeling both scared and safe at the same time, being in there with my dad.
    Years later, the fashion trend featured skirts with long, flappy panels that referred to these garments as ” Car Wash skirts and dresses”.
    And despite that moniker, they sold quite well. Some brave advertising giants thought of that one!

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