On Route

When you travel rural roads in the early, early morning you forget that there are other travelers.

You feel you have the world to yourself for a few brief moments.

Then, you notice the sky driving by an unfamiliar parking lot and you drive in behind the building to get a better view.

Click. Click. Click.

It takes multiple exposures to show proof of early morning life: the world does not belong to you.

It belongs to 47 year old Susan Boyle,  a recent contestant on the TV show, “Britian’s Got Talent”.

Watch this and see if you don’t agree:




6 comments on “On Route”

  1. So much activity in this shot, early or not. This is a gorgeous tribute, really, to man and nature- both on their appointed rounds, wasting not a second.
    You’ve made just another day appear dramatic, important and singular.
    And did I mention stunning?

    I’m often surprised some days when I’m up and out really, really early, that there are always many more folks who are up and at it long before I am.
    It’s that lesser known population of workers of the nocturne that this photo seems to honor. That bright orange streak on the horizon, their crown.

  2. My friend Heidi sent me the clip of Susan Boyle so we owe her one!

    I owe you for this wonderful shot of the hustle and bustle of life charging and recharging. I hate to tell you this but when I saw the shot, read your words and the great comments, I thought of Gerard Manley Hopkins. The world is charged with…oops (the grandeur of God)

  3. Whenever I’m up very early I always wonder what the other people are doing being up so early.

    I found the Susan Boyle video ineffably sad. When she said she was 47 years old and never been kissed and I was reminded of Janis Ian’s song “At seventeen”

    I learned the truth at seventeen
    That love was meant for beauty queens
    And high school girls with clear skinned smiles
    Who married young and then retired
    The valentines I never knew
    The Friday night charades of youth
    Were spent on one more beautiful
    At seventeen I learned the truth…

    And those of us with ravaged faces
    Lacking in the social graces
    Desperately remained at home
    Inventing lovers on the phone
    Who called to say “come dance with me”
    And murmured vague obscenities
    It isn’t all it seems at seventeen…

    The video is a symptom of one of the things I feel is so wrong in the rich and vacuous age I live in. Why are we so surprised and almost brought to tears by the fact that someone like Susan Boyle has some talent? Why is it we think only the beautiful have a place at the top in this world? Look at that panel of judges…. so smug in the knowledge that their looks will get them by. A pox on them!

  4. Bonnie..only you. The bright orange streak on the horizon is a crown. I see it now. But, not till you said it. What a lovely comment!

    Cousin Mary, Well, in the company of Gerard Manley Hopkins makes me giddy but no more so than you visiting my blog!

    Razz, I remember that Janis Ian song but reading the lyrics is quite chilling. But. But. But. After all is said and done the world’s eye is (and I suspect always has been) drawn to the glittering in our midst at first but is there no more sublime feeling than when the invisible become visible? And, when talent trumps the trivial? Don’t let this video make you sad. I suspect Susan Boyle knows all about sadness and this moment in her life was not one of them. I think it gives hope to all of us, whether we are plain janes or not!

  5. I’ve been remiss in commenting on your blog recently. Sorry. Lovely photos and sentiments as per usual.

    I absolutely love Susan Boyle. What a lovely woman with a lovely voice. The last line of the song tugged at my heart in thinking of her life of caring for her Mum. “My life has killed the dreams I’ve dreamed.”

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