OK.  This is officially embarrassing.

I can’t figure out this twitter thing.

I don’t tweet anyone I know.  And, nor do I tweet strangers according to these statistics.  6 posts since October.  I’m not exactly a tweeting machine.

I think when you sign up, you get three friends and 1 follower.  Sort of like getting 200 on the SATS just by filling in your name.

So, now, I have rankings.  Good lord.  Maybe that will spur me on.

2,032, 199th!

I can’t even say it, it has so many numbers.  I just want to see who is below me.

I think maybe only twitters who have died.

Anyone do this tweetin’ thing care to illuminate how I might use it a bit more effectively that 2.032, 199th!

©Pat Coakley 2009


19 comments on “TWITTER FLOP”

  1. Pat, you make me laugh! And you’re much more a part of the modern world than I am. I have vowed never to tweet, and I have so far resisted the lure of Facebook … just so stubborn, I am. I hope you figure out your twitter business. I can’t even figure out how to do sitemeter on my blog! One tech challenge at a time.

    • Stacie, I did sitemeter on a website once that I did and then removed it cuz it kept sending me daily reports that no one was visiting!

  2. You sing so many nice songs right here, who needs to tweet?

    I guess I could sign up and be well below you, if it’s important…

  3. Good lord. Now tweeting is a competitive sport?!? Makes me even more happy to do without it– and MyFace and SpaceBook can take a hike, too (blogging wastes any number of hours each day, thank you very much).

    Thanks for your funny post!

    • rgarriott, I’m not on Facebook or MySpace but there was something about Twitter that didn’t seem too involved. I’m trying to think of it as a photography business marketing tool rather than the breaking news of my life..”Stop. I just braked for a squirrel!”. We’ll see!

  4. I second Dons’ emotions!!! And as I laugh, I would offer myself up right behind Don.

    It took me a year to digest the sound of the word ” blog “, which really appeals not at all to my linguistic inner snob.
    Twitter and tweet? Ask Sylvester the cat what it means to HIM, the only mammal who really needs to know.

    If we’re all so busy that we only have time to utter Fed Ex because saying Federal Express is far too many syllables than anyone has time for, and if we’re all too busy to write a few sentences and can only indicate in some kind of steno shorthand that I LV U, than maybe we all need to reduce communications all together and just inwardly meditate and communicate by telepathy.
    I’m not too busy to utter a few extra syllables or write an extra few words.

    Besides, I don’t think anyone cares if I had coffee before I watered the plants or after.

    After way too much information out there already about twenty million bazillion people, there may need to be a new site called Saving Face Book.
    I’d be laughing first.

    • Oh, I’m with you on this and yet there’s something about it that I want to try and figure out before I totally say “twitter to the hand”.

  5. The more people you follow, the more follow you! I didn’t know you were on Twitter. I’m now one of your ardent followers. You really must Tweet more. You can follow me as well “ifeelunusual” of course!

    • I’ll try, S.Le. My problem is I don’t really have that “breaking news” feeling about my life. But, thanks for following me!

  6. i just searched for you on twitter and noticed that you’ve doubled your followers. You’re blowin up!

  7. Good God, Russ! Double zero equals? Seriously, today I’ll tweet but I don’t think CNN will be interested.

  8. Pat, you go girl. I am proud of your accomplishments with this whole computer thing. I have been reading all your blogs and reading about your dad brought fond memories and good time thoughts and oh so many tears. The photographs you are create are amazing. You have always had an eye and hand for beauty and it shows in your photos and writing. I think you need a gallery. I guess the blogging is one or sorts. As you know I do not do this but I had to response to your success. I know your dad and brother are looking at this in total respect and pride. love ya. Now i hope I did this right as it is my first

    • Nance, you did it right! And thanks a lot for spending the time taking a look at everything! Except for Alice, I usually have to bribe family members to read it AND even that doesn’t always work!

  9. If you’re on the book of face better known as facebook that’ll get you more stalkers, they link in hmm with blog as well… ok going back to the Monastery – hope you’re well

    • Sanity, For some reason, I have an aversion to Facebook. I’m not sure why THAT and NOT twitter. Truth be told, I spend enough time already! Don’t understand the monastery reference but then what else is new? Clarity eludes me, sometimes, doesn’t it? Nice to hear from you!

  10. Am in a monastery of prozac need, I don’t really blog or write anymore, concentrating on my photography for a bit ~ the camera needs no words, right now it translates more than I could put into words… A lot of people don’t like facebook then they get addicted because of the PR/social platforms – I heard a rumour there’s a photography twitter, will look into it

    • San, why don’t you post some of your photos on the template that I use, it’s called “Monotone”. You can just post the photo and not write one word. Up to you if you do. Many who use it do not comment. Just a thought. Might be better than prozac.

  11. Thanks you, I’ll look into it – at the moment just posting to flickr, same user name as my email address.

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