Regret, The Series

By: pbcmedia

Apr 23 2009

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Category: Creativity, Life, Personal, Photography, REGRET, THE SERIES


Focal Length:35mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is a series  I might as well as call “Regret”.

When my brother was dying, he said he had none.

I’m living and have plenty.

Maybe he didn’t want to admit any? Perhaps the word was too strong and final for someone facing their last days?

I don’t like the feeling itself which may, in fact,  be why he said he didn’t have any.

The regret train runs by us and we are on it at the same time but some of us think it carries only strangers.

They’re not going to like this series.

I know my brother would skip it.

Fair warning to you non-regretters out there, wherever you are.

©Pat Coakley 2009


12 comments on “Regret, The Series”

  1. I think there may be another Regret Series out there… featuring me as the guy she shouldn’t have dated.

    Meanwhile, this is a great shot as usual. I look forward to the series my dear.

  2. Regrets? Yes, I have them. But I try to learn something from them — then put them on that train and send them on their way.
    Love the image of that receding train. It is receding, isn’t it?

    • Yes, it is receding but these commuter trains sometimes run “backwards”, the engine is the rear because there is no “turnaround” spot a the end of the line so you never know!

  3. I do think it’s very difficult to live completely without regrets, but I hesitate to call it totally impossible. I certainly have regrets, so I can understand why someone might not want to admit it.

    Also, this picture is a perfect and beautiful illustration, IMO.

  4. I love this shot. I tried to shoot a train track but it wasn’t a fun one. As for the regret, bring it on!!! Inspire me to ponder my regrets & reverse them please!

  5. Better to regret having missed the train, than be run over by it.
    Maybe that’s the pictorial allegory you’ve shown so powerfully here.
    Some say it’s better to regret what you’ve done than what you wished you’d done. I don’t know.

    I’m wondering if the realization of your own pending death, lets you release the angsts of the living. Damn, why is there always something that has to be paid?

    What is it about converging parallel lines that pulls us in to the horizon?
    I think it’s a bit of the grass is greener syndrome. That something better waits at the end of the trip.

  6. on regrets there are plenty, on remarks there are few, regrets have locomotion, the photograph shows this is true

  7. I have plenty of regrets. Especially about the way I’ve treated others. Sometimes I think about the bad things I’ve done in the past and it makes me groan deep down inside. I try not to let it crush me though, and I take comfort in the fact that such things serve as benchmarks for me to realise that life is a journey with it’s ups and downs; and I’ve come a long way.

    • Razz, I am familiar with the groan territory. It is an awful feeling and taking the “longer” view of how far you’ve come is the only way to muffle the sound.

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