Even Trees Have Regrets

By: pbcmedia

Apr 29 2009

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Category: Creativity, Humor, Life, Personal, Photography, REGRET, REGRET PREVENTION, TREES


Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Even trees have regrets.

This image is proof postiive if you declare a series, (if you build it), images will come.

How about you?  Have you images to contribute to this regret series?



My friend, Pomeroy, aka the funniest human alive, even funnier and way way goofier than Rickie Gervais (if that’s possible), should do a post on this subject.

Game on, Goofman?

©Pat Coakley 2009


9 comments on “Even Trees Have Regrets”

  1. no images, but one comment — very clever

  2. To regret or not to regret, that is the question! Would it have been better not to have gone down that road towards regret in the first place? But then, it seemed such a glorious path and now the question. Do trees have regrets… do they have options? They stretch towards the sun without second thought. Their energy is earmarked for a destiny and a lumberjack’s ax. Only human trees can linger and waver and savor the sap of doubt.


  3. PS. I like the way you prey with your lens into the lines and colors of energy.

  4. Ha. I do enjoy this photograph.

  5. Perhaps this tree has regrets, but I think it’s also got one eye on those little muscari to make sure they’re not up to something mischevious!

  6. Can’t seem to let those grape hyacinths go, can you? ;)

  7. Who says i’m alive?

    You should see me on the dance floor.

    All right then… regret. I will whip up something.

    If there’s one thing i’m familiar with, it’s regret.
    Although, i’ve been more of the regret of others.

    Thank you for the shout out, my dear. My response will shout out right back.

  8. This is scary haha. I think I’d run if I saw this tree in the forest. Good job personalizing him/her. I wish I knew photoshop :-( Okay well here’s my stab at regret and I DONT regret partaking in this series at all. The lock caught my eye tonight, and I thought immediately of this post of yours. Cheers! Renee


  9. […] Posted on May 4, 2009. Filed under: Humor | So one of my best pals on here, Pat Coakley, has challenged me to submit an entry in the subject of “regret”. You can see that challenge here. […]

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