What Is It About Purple and Green?

By: pbcmedia

May 05 2009

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Category: Flora and Fauna, Flowers, Photography


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

What is it about purple and green?  Each spring I try to discover new combinations but I keep coming back.

©Pat Coakley 2009


14 comments on “What Is It About Purple and Green?”

  1. It is any excellent color combo! Love it myself! Do we really need a reason to like it?

    • Arynsmom, you are absolutely right…we don’t need a reason to like it! But, just in case, you are the type of person who likes to justify your likes and dislikes, my comment section always offers terrific theories, doesn’t it?

  2. purple in loooong ago history was a color reserved for royalty, and green, well green is verdant pastures, growth, life, not to mention their respective seats on the spectrum, perhaps it is an instinctual recognition of the stately and staid sitting next to the simple and spirited in a perfect world.(?)

    • Tipota, I love this explanation!! (I am not surprised, of course, that it comes from you) But, seriously…” an instinctual recognition of the stately and staid sitting next to the simple and spirited in a perfect world?” These observations are catalog worthy themselves.

  3. The purple with the pastel green is a discord in colour theory. Look at a colour wheel (one with six colurs, showing the secondary and primary colours), choose a color then move two spaces (either direction as it doesn’t matter) select the other colour and add white. When the two colours are seen together they are known as a discord.

    Discords are my favourite color combination.

  4. I love the three explanations above — heartfelt, symbolic and technical. What a wonderful depth of ideas, all describing part of the reason for the appeal of these colors together.

    • Don, this is one of the reasons why I love blogging: the depth of ideas that I can count on to appear in the comment section!

  5. This is a beautiful capturing of spring.

    Funny – I came upon this color combination when I did some exercises in random color combinations, and I fell in love with it. I’m with Razzbuffnik about discords: they are so much more intriguing than the classical complementary colors, as the latter sometimes look as if someone has followed a cookbook and went for the safe recipe.

    • Nava, I like that safe recipe analogy. So true in so many phases of living. Although one of my nephews suggest I try out a recipe first before I serve it to guests> Now, I wonder why? Ok. Things sometimes explode in my kitchen.

  6. Lovely! Very calming and beautiful.

  7. “Discords. Hmmmm….what a yummy name for a series,”

    I would’ve loved to have had more time in Vietnam, as just about the whole country vibrates in discordant colour schemes. You’d love the place; it’s a visual feast, the food is great and best of all it’s real cheap.

    Here’s a link to a post regarding what I’m talking about.


  8. I was once at a workshop with a really great Slovene photographer who posed a similar question, only his was “what is it with red?” Upon pondering on people’s fascination with red and how he really didn’t get that for some time, he would than laughingly confess that he was colour blind/insensitive to red :)

  9. amythest and peridot are, in combination, the best selling stones at my shop. So I love green and purple too.

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