The Look of Truth

By: pbcmedia

Jun 03 2009

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Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

A parent would not buy this portrait but this is the look the photographer shall remember.

She had forgotten about doing all America’s Top Model poses which for some cosmic reason all ended up being out of focus thank you Jesus.  She had tired of this photo game and wanted to play “Animals”.

The game of “Animals” consists of her being the animal and I am the tour guide bringing a crowd of tourists to see her.  She started as a giraffe, morphed into a Koala Bear living in Antarctica, and then, more geographically suited, to a penguin who had eggs to keep warm and then birth and then needing to walk and swim hundreds of miles to get fish to feed the baby only to return and decide to have another baby and start the trek all over again.  (She has four siblings)

The cycle of life on parade and all in front of the cruise ship bunch of tourists in Bermuda shorts I was trying to herd through the frozen tundra.

The truth in this game, which lasted 90 flying minutes, included the real world intrusion of one of the penguins being a pickpocket and stealing from my tourists– their Ipods, bags, bracelets and pieces of cheese.  One woman, Mrs. Ellsbury, complained so loudly about her slice of cheese being stolen that the penguin hit her with a baseball bat.  Where the penguin found a baseball bat in Antarctica was not an issue.

All this happening while yet another Massachusetts Speaker of the House was being indicted for corruption.  This is the third speaker to be indicted in recent history but rest assured this Malfeasance Cruise ship is exceeding its tonnage with  Massachusetts politicians, one shown on video stuffing bribery money in her bra.

I can only hope that a penguin with a bat is in their future.

©Pat Coakley 2009


4 comments on “The Look of Truth”

  1. i’m sitting here giggling, this is great, love the photo, what an expression!
    both her face and your words!

    • Tipta, this little one makes me laugh all the time. One time she also told me that she had some tips on attractiveness for me in order that I could get a boyfriend. It involved wearing more dresses, make-up and buying a red car.

  2. Great shot. There’s so much more to be learnt from children than flowers, me thinks.

    As for the corruption thing, we had a city councillor, here in Sydney, caught on video with sound, taking a bribe. He got off any charges and kept his job.

    Go figure?

    Corruption in rife in my state of NSW. The truth is out there…. but not enough people care. Perhaps Joseph de Maistre was right and “every country has the government it deserves”.

    I guess we only have ourselves to blame.

    • Razz, after reading your last post about blog stats, I started thinking about invisibility…(again)…it is a life long struggle…and presto! I had the photo to go with my thoughts..from this same little girl…to follow later today or tomorrow. I have to agree…more lessons from children than flowers…although, I am a student of both. But, advantage does go to children who can hug your knees and make you feel like a million. Greetings from flowers are more subtle!

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