Breakfast for Butterflies

By: pbcmedia

Jun 13 2009

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Category: Flora and Fauna, Flowers, Personal, Photography


Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

It was early morning.

This butterfly was having breakfast about two feet away from me as I was eating my breakfast.

Trust me.

The butterfly looks better in the early morning than I do.

©Pat Coakley 2009


17 comments on “Breakfast for Butterflies”

  1. Anything good on the menu . . .

  2. gorgeous, as i’m sure you are at any time of day

    • Oh, now, tipota…I think I’ll have to post a morning photo of me to disabuse you of your tender thought. On second thought…maybe, I won’t.

  3. Aryn says – “oh that’s pretty!” Coming from a very calm personality that is a major compliment!

    Mom says – Damn Girl! That is crazy gorgeous! Only wish I could catch butterflies in such detail!

  4. Oh to be a butterfly . . . *Clears throat* Uh, I mean a cheetah . . . A fleet-footed and furious cheetah!

    • Alright, then, mr. cheetah. Whatever you say…”.clearing throat”..Ok..I’ll just say it. I don’t get why you want to be a cheetah and not a butterfly. Maybe as Razz says, because you become a caterpillar? Oh, I bet this is something obvious and I’m totally not picking up on it!

  5. I used to love seeing butterflies…. that was until I started growing my own vegetables. Now when I see butterflies, all I think about is caterpillars.

    Oh, by the way, nice shot.

    • Razz!! Aww…c’mon, Now, I’m going to see those hairy things instead of beautiful colors flying by me. There’s one out there right now. Where’s my broom??

  6. Yellow! Haven’t seen much yellow here in the short time i’ve been watching. Nice.

    • Don, you are right! But, I never realized it till you mentioned it. My flower containers on my porch are overflowing with these yellow miracle bells!

  7. I’d title this photo “The Interstellar Bug”. If you change your vantage point from micro to galactic this photo takes on a whole new feel. The flowers in the background become the outer ring of the Milky Way, and the Butterfly has a wingspan of several light years. The big question: Is this butterfly friend or foe?

    • OK, now what is it with me today?? Chris wants to be a cheetah. Dave wants to be the interstellar bug? I just want to be a pretty butterfly up until Razz reminded me how I transform into one of those creepy hairy things. Sigh. But, I’ll say this. Y’all have imaginations!

  8. Beautiful image. I love the way you’ve focussed on the butterfly, with the blurriness in the background like a canvas of daubed yellows, reds and greens. It might be the fact that you said the butterfly was having breakfast, as were you, but for some reason this photo makes me want to EAT the butterfly.

  9. oh so beautiful

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