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Jun 26 2009

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Focal Length:27mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

Twitter broke down yesterday with the amount of “tweets”.  My favorite was from friend Pomeroy of Only Living Room Funny:

thepomeroyis thinking what a slow news day it is.

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11 comments on “Childhood”

  1. I saw that from the Pom on Facebook. I almost commented, but he always gets like 300 comments and my BlackBerry overloads. He’s quite a guy, that Pom . . .

    # of people who died yesterday that weren’t The King of Pop? Staggering, I imagine . . .

  2. When Elvis and John Lennon died, I was shocked and saddened to hear about their deaths and I can remember well the circumstances of when I first heard the news.

    Whacko Jacko is another matter. I’ve always thought that Jackson was an ineffably sad person and a classical example of how talent and intelligence don’t necessarily go hand in hand. He had so much talent and so little nous.

    It still mystifies me why we the public are interested in the opinions of celebrities about matters that are outside of the entertainment industry. Why aren’t the real geniuses outside of the entertainment industry as lauded and courted by the media? That’s actually a rhetorical question, I know why. It’s because most the public is dissatisfied with their lot and want to live vicariously the lives of the rich and famous.

    As John Cooper Clarke once said in his amazing poem, “Beasley Street”;

    The girls are on the shelf
    Their commom problem is
    …that they’re not someone else

    Here’s a video of the whole poem.

    Your photo is a good demonstration of the cosmic scale of Michael’s passing, in that it doesn’t really matter and the rest of existence just goes about it’s business as usual as though nothing happened.

    • Now, why didn’t the YOUTUBE video show up this time?? Just the URL address. Although I love that line about girls on the shelf, and the underlying meaning you talk about, Razz….count me in to the millions who were shocked and saddened.

  3. I see Pom of FB all the time. Join in, and look me up!

  4. Hey, danced all last night to thriller and have decided we need to do a thriller party, will let you know when

  5. Did you pimp me again, Pat? I’m going to have to get you a fuzzy hat if we meet.

    If you only knew the crap I was doing outside of here, you’d forgive me and lack of updating. Plus I miss my peeps on here. I have some stuff almost ready and i’ll be haunting all of you soon.

    Don’t worry.. I will be clothed.

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