National Society of Newspaper Columnists Contest Winner

Long time readers know that I am not a marketing genius but even I, after reading this commendation that came this morning in the mail from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists, know that my next call goes to the FDA.

I knew I registered this blog name for a reason.   I just didn’t know it was to submit it as a new cholesterol lowering blog column with zero side effects.  My goal used to be to have a column in a newspaper but since that industry is un-employing some very talented people every few days, I’ve got a new goal thanks to Mr. McLeod, judge of this prestigious contest.

I now want to be the first cholesterol lowering blog to get FDA approval.

The Generic name of my blog will be LESSANX.  Long time readers will recognize this, some may even have received a card I made from this post back in September, 2008 when the world began collapsing.  Read it HERE.

Thank you, National Society of Newspaper Columnists and you, damnably insightful Mr. Michael McLeod,  for this honor and for pointing out yet another reason why I named this blog, Single For A Reason.  I have a new name now for, well…ahem..some chronic dating “issues”.

Suffice to say that “Eloquent irritability” is hardly ever call girl training,  (You wanna do WHAT, Mr. Spitzer??) be they high class or low class call girls, nor is it on any top ten lists for housewives of  “How To Please Your Man”.  Go ahead, Google it and see for yourself.

But, if you want a girl to rip you a new one with a good vocabulary?

I’m your girl.

Now, your award winning girl.

Somehow knowing that I’ll never be the soulmate of braying Governor Horses’s Asses of South Carolina has just made my day.

Thank you, NSNC.  I’m honored.

No, really.

©Pat Coakley 2009


16 comments on “National Society of Newspaper Columnists Contest Winner”

  1. Congratulations, Pat… so, not quite the Stepford wife with a pink ribbon in your hair, eh?

    Cholesterol lowering or not, I do thoroughly enjoy your writing, but you know that already.

    • Oh, Nava, even when I was five I looked terrible in pink! Thanks. Am overdue for a visit to your cyber-painting studio. I’ll look forward to it.

  2. i dont think the first thing that comes to mind would be railing and cholesterol but certain brilliance that they saw in your work that made them recognize the excellence, i never think of it as railing (except maybe the photos of the trains ha ha) but more as pointing to or expressing something of value in a unique mixture of photography, writing and art
    and the ‘single for a reason’ fits with so many of the overpopulus current issues while it maintains originality of voice. anyway, its wonderful, congrats!

    • Tipota, I seem to have omitted sending samples of my warm fuzzy side. We all know underneath this irritation is mush. I’m coming to cyber-visit you this weekend, too! I always enter an alternative universe I enjoy so much .

  3. I think you should run for governor of Alaska . . .

  4. Congratulations, Pat!!

    I haven’t won anything since me pulling in 1st prize in a 5th grade cookie contest. (I made a mean chocolate chip pan cookie).

    And something tells me that I will never receive anything quite like this award. I’m thinking my award would be drawn up in crayon.

    Congrats, you’re wonderful & i’m very happy for you.

    • Pomeroy, you should get an award every day for making me laugh out loud even if you are spending too much time on FB! I think I’ll make you one in my best crayons, in fact! Stay tuned.

  5. Congrats on the prize! Wow! Wow! Wow! (bowing humbly)

    I’m entering a paper contest for sure now! … I have paper … it may not be new or in a column with a society … but I’ve got that stuff somewhere.

    • In Japan, they do lovely artistic things with paper but I don’t suppose that’s the kind of paper you were talking about!? I think we should do a summer contest of some sort, PR. Whaddya think? Your aliens and beer in the frig is still one of my favorite blogging moments.

  6. I like that they write a justification for their choice of winners! Although you may have sent your more irritable columns, I think Mr. Mc Leod recognizes an original voice when he hears it through the blather of non-stop commentary and opinion writing that passes for news these days. Your award is well-deserved!

  7. Many congratulations! But i will have to testify to the FDA that there are sometimes side effects of spontaneous laughter and an occasional uncontrollable “right on!”

  8. Today’s (July 4th) post brings my ego back into line, Don. It was nice while it lasted…23 hours.

  9. Congratulations, you deserve it, and it will be interesting to see if your readership climbs after this award.

    “How To Please Your Man”.

    I’ve never pictured you as being the sort of woman with so low a self esteem that you’d wait patiently by the front door for your beau hunk to come home, wrapped in nothing but cling wrap.

  10. Thank you, Razz. The image of me wrapped in saran wrap, given that I can never even get it out of the box without cutting my finger makes me think if I ever tried it the front door image might have looked like a scene from Friday the 13th rather than How to Please your Man.

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