Herbs in the Morning

By: pbcmedia

Jul 11 2009

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Category: Flora and Fauna, Flowers, Neighbors


Focal Length:85mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

One time, I heard that a neighbor was complaining that all of a sudden I’d show up in her backyard early in the morning with my camera.  Actually, I was in another neighbor’s yard taking photos of his flowers but living in a condo can be boundary less at times like these.

So, trying to be respectful, I now  don’t go wandering until 8 AM over near that side.  See what a good neighbor I am?  I photograph dill (this image) on my porch while being neighborly.

I did walk around the back of my own unit this morning around 6 AM because it has eastern exposure, it’s summer, and you know that yellow disc in the sky that was missing in Massachusetts most of June?  Well, it’s baaaack and flowers in first light are simply too beckoning.

I tip toed by porches looking straight ahead with my camera bag.  I went to a unit where the woman has been very ill and has been in a rehab facility for many weeks.  I heard yesterday that it is not at all certain when or if she can return to her home.

I photographed her blue hydrangeas and cut a few to take to her at the facility later on today.  As I tip toed back to my unit with a handful of blossoms, I felt the urge to yell out to any peepers, “I’m taking these to Ann today!  They are not for me!”

They wouldn’t have believed me.

©Pat Coakley


Here’s the arrangement I’m taking to her today.  Click on the right thumbnail.

4 comments on “Herbs in the Morning”

  1. You know, sometimes people should just mind their own business — and I’m referring to your neighbors, not you. I, too, live in a condo — it’s name is Coakley Bay believe it or not — and it never ceases to amaze me how petty people can be.

    You dill is delicate and lovely, and the hydrangeas… well, I’m sad to say I never really appreciated them when I lived in the north. What a nice gift!

  2. You’re lucky you’re a woman in such cases. A man doing the same thing would viewed much with much more hostility and fear. If you were a black man……….

  3. I’m pretty lucky in that regard. I’m always stepping into others yards to take photos! There’s this great barn just down the road a piece that I’m planning on using as a backdrop for my older twos back to school photo shoot! Honestly I’ve found gardeners in my area very eager to share their gardens! As long as my dog, that goes on these walks/photo hunts with me doesn’t leave presents we’re good!

  4. Cheers on getting the galleries working!


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