Planet Downpour MMIX, The Series,

This is officially ridiculous.  We’ve had four inches of rain overnight.  I took this photo at 7:30 AM.  You’ll be happy to know I was parked.

In honor of this officially ridiculous car wash, I begin a photo essay of life in a downpour of rain or any other ridiculously unrelenting reality, like mother nature and human nature.  The latter is also on display in my neck of the woods this week with  the recent arrest of a black Harvard professor by a white Cambridge policeman.

The Professor gave a lengthy interview on Sirius Radio with sympathetic Oprah’s B.F.F., Gayle King, and the policeman chose to vent his feelings on sympathetic WEEI, the sports station I profiled recently HERE.  I believe I suggested in that post that spawn of mutant genes usually call WEEI in great numbers in order to speak to their ancestors, the talk show hosts.  I’ll try not to let that color my artistic impulses for, characteristically, I chose to photograph these alternate universes amidst this latest nor’easter.

So, forget your American Express card, don’t leave home without your camera, paint brush, or pen.  What force of nature or man is officially ridiculous in your part of the world?  I’d like to hear it.

I also like things with Roman numbers in them, don’t you?

©Pat Coakley 2009


9 comments on “Planet Downpour MMIX, The Series,”

  1. We, who live in the Caribbean tropics would gladly trade your nor’easter and it’s relentless bucketsful for the ceaseless, dry, winds of Sahara Dust that have blanketed the Virgin Islands for weeks.
    That’s right.
    You can’t get a non stop flight from here to Florida but dust can blow it’s way over the great span of the Atlantic and arrive here with it’s closest 9 trillion billion molecules and reach here overnight.

    We’re getting drier and you’re sinking. What’s going on!

    I do believe it’s humans nature to muck up Mothers’ Nature.

    • I remember visiting Montana after Mt Saint Helens had erupted and there was ash all over everything. It really can blanket your spirit as well! Don’t let it! Rain has got to come your way sometime! It’s hurricane season for God’s sake. A little tropical storm would be nice.

      • The ash from that eruption actually made it all the way to your state. My friend has a small jar showing how the ash thinned out as it moved east. A violent event, to say the least.

      • I did not know that, Chris! Although I did know it had a wide wide reach. But, to Boston? Wow.

  2. Well, here in Oz our winter has been like the kind of summer that much of Canada would die for.

    Too bad about the prof playing the race card because the cops were trying to protect his property and double too bad, Obama buying to into the whole nonsense without checking the facts first.

    I would’ve thought it was time that America moved on from such idiocies.

    • Ok, Razz, you get an official plunger to wear on your head (see later post)…everyone has an opinion on this!! I’ve got mine fixed on my head right now: Oh, that race card was played alright and Gates wasn’t the only one. The man was in his own home and arrested for being obnoxious NOT for being a burgular. Huh? If being obnoxious in your own home is an arrestable offense, we’d better start building larger jails.

      • There’s a fine line between being obnoxious and disturbing the peace, especially in a nice neighborhood.

      • Chris, We disagree. Again! Quelle Surprise!! Oh, well. You are young. I am old. We’ll chock it up to generational gap, another one of those fine lines.

  3. Great photo! Was it raining?? ;>)
    In addition to the African dust blanketing everything with a brown layer that Bonnie mentioned, we have a ridiculous human resistance to change — especially at the government level. Actions like registering your car or signing up for electric service, that on the mainland might take five or ten minutes, can require hours going from window to window and bureaucrat to bureaucrat. And that’s if you are lucky enough to have jumped through all the other hoops properly first.
    Why not make the obvious changes to streamline things? Well, there are government jobs involved, and what on earth would those people do if not write in their ledgers and file unnecessary documents? Perhaps I am being too harsh… There is slow progress, but sometimes the frustration builds.

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