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Jul 29 2009

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Focal Length:85mm
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

A lady at the Weight Watcher’s meeting in my town I did not know (but that is not saying very much because I do not know anyone there) said that she had cooked “fiddleheads” last week in response to the meeting’s leader suggestion to try new vegetables.

“They tasted like swamp,” she said and I laughed out loud.

There are many reasons to attend these meetings to help you change your eating habits and one of them is entertainment.

I went to the store after the meeting to look for “fiddleheads” just so I could visually make sure I’d never put one on my plate.

I couldn’t find them so I bought Cheez-Its instead.

©Pat Coakley 2009


13 comments on “TASTES LIKE SWAMP”

  1. I say anything cooked right ( and that would mean smothered in butter, garlic, shallots and a little wine ) would taste more like Escoffier and less like swamp.

    It’s easy to be frightened by a poorly presented vegetable and be forever culinarily ruined.

    But your photo! A Rorschach of good taste and artistry.

    • Oh, I hope this comment means you are feeling better! I would not recommend fiddleheads to further the healing process along, however. Shallots and butter do make-up for alot, but swamp bite? Nah. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that mango pie anyway!

  2. I’ve always been attracted to foggy photos with low contrast but every time I take one, I keep trying to bump up the contrast in photoshop.

    I have a theory when it comes to food. If it’s something that you’ve never heard of, it’s probably for a reason.

  3. Now, Razz, you are a world traveler and have eaten far more adventuresome dishes than I have…If YOU haven’t heard of something then I totally believe it’s probably for a reason but if someone like myself hasn’t heard of it? Probably, due to my narrow culinary road. PS. I’m still not trying Fiddleheads.

  4. PS.Razz…I solve the contrast problem by taking three exposures. Sometimes the lower contrast one is the perfect shot but in this case, I think it was one half a stop less.

  5. Your story reminds me of every time I get the urge to “eat healthier.” I go to the store with grandiose ideas of getting soy milk, veggies, salad, low fat stuff, et. al. & see how much more costly it is to eat healthy & opt for a pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead :)
    As for the photo – gorgeous as always. An excellent reminder to me that I do not always have to increase shadows until they reach maximum darkness. I love the subtlety.

    • Conni girl! How about tryin’ this angle for eating healthier: Vegetables are hilarious. Have you ever looked at Fiddleheads? They are spirals. Swiss Chard is unbelievable looking. In fact, a new series has just begun. Stay tuned!! You could do a series on Playing with My healthy food!

  6. Patty, one thing about cheezits and cheetos though, when you raise your hand to tell everyone at weight watchers about healthy eating, your fingers will tell a completely different story.

    • That image of my orange stained fingers waving makes me laugh out loud, Mary!! Which is why if I were in AA they’d have to give me a breathalyzer before letting me in.

  7. Fiddleheads are just baby ferns… no reason they should taste like swamp, unless you cook them in swamp water, and even then a liberal dose of butter and garlic, as Bonnie suggests, would make them perrfect! In fact, almost anything with a liberal dose of garlic and butter is pretty good.
    Gorgeous picture, subtle colors. The patterns make me think of the north.

    • Don, I’ve decided to buy some and try them with garlic and butter and completely defeat the purpose of buying more veggies!

  8. Even snails taste O.K. with butter.

    I just had a thought, give the fiddleheads to the snails and sauté some prawns in the garlic and butter instead.

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