Big Papi O No

O no.

Big Papi?

O, yes.

Fingers in ears.  LAAAAAA….laaaaaaaaaaa.

I took this photo off my TV in 2004 as David Ortiz (Big Papi) rounded the bases on a walk-off home run.  Then, I painted it and did all sorts of artificial tweakin’ to make it look dreamy, bold, and other worldly.

I tested positive for PhotoRoids back then.

Sometimes, I still do.

If Big Papi were a figurative artist he could pump himself up, abuse his body every which way as along as he produced paintings.   He’d be heralded as one of the twentieth century’s most famous painters and get a special exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, like Francis Bacon.

I like the thought of Big Papi at the Met but I bet he’d probably prefer Cooperstown.



Carry on.

©Pat Coakley 2009


8 comments on “Big Papi O No”

  1. I care about baseball about as much as I care about cricket…… not a jot.
    But… your image, text and reference to Francis Bacon instantly brought to my mind a painting by an Australian artist Brett Whiteley called “Art, Life and The Other Thing”

    • Razz, I enjoyed looking at this painter’s work. Apparently, Francis Bacon is famous for one of his triptych self portraits as well! I guess some critics used to say that Bacon really couldn’t draw all that well or didn’t “finish” his paintings…your artist will never be accused of not drawing well!

  2. Yeah, the official arrival of the steroids era just gave me another really good reason to hate baseball. Oh, and this most certainly taints those two Commissioner’s Trophies.

    I know, Pat, parallel universes.

  3. One of the reasons why I thought of Bret Whiteley is that his work is so similar to Bacons. As a matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Whiteley was influenced by Bacon.

    • Oh, I think for sure he was influenced by Bacon, don’t you? The tryptych in particular was reminiscent of the one I saw of Bacon’s that was so famous. I think this artist is a great deal happier in his life than Bacon who was apparently a devout alcoholic from a very early age. Some of his paintings really are difficult to look at, which I think was his deliberate intention.

  4. Whiteley was a junkie who died alone in a hotel room from an overdose.

  5. Wow! So much for penetrating art criticism from moi!! The painting of his wife was so voluptuous and lovely that I thought (obviously naively now) he had some personal happiness that seemed to have eluded Bacon.

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