The Health Care Debate.

I use the term “debate” nostalgically.

Shouting people down so they cannot be heard?

Didn’t we deal with that childishness at recess in elementary school and end up in the principal’s office?

We’re all headed to the wheelchair.

I’m just praying I’m not parked in the nursing home corridor next to one of these hot air wind bags.

Their preachiness finally stilled by the reality of the body.

Or, if biology doesn’t do it, then my pocketbook slammed over their head will surely do the trick.

I’m gonna adopt their tactics in the home.

“Talk to the hand if you’d like a piece of me, Grampa.”

©Pat Coakley 2009


10 comments on “Preachiness”

  1. They aren’t windbags, they’re anti democratic fascists who won’t allow the facts to be debated.

    I’m starting to think that democracy is in the process of dying in the US. The truth is out there but it gets distorted by demagogues and those with pecuniary interests.

    It’s a crying shame.

  2. The ravings of the rabid conservative wing-nuts is enough to make one sick (no pun intended). I believe a lot of it stems from the fear and hatred of having a black man as President — and has very little to do with health care.

    The attacks and charges of socialism, fascism, naziism, and portraits of our President as the “Joker” are truly embarassing to our nation, and disrespectful of it. And all this comes from the very same groups who attacked any reasoned questions about the invasion of Iraq as being unpatriotic and aiding the “enemy”.

    I think the enemy is here, and we can only hope they will discredit themselves, and that this form of “discourse” will no longer be tolerated. Our problems are too complex for such simple minded anger.

    The image is wonderful and speaks louder than all the words. What more can I say?

    • Don, You may be right that some of this is in reaction to the President. The “birth certificate” issue seems to encapsulate the worst of this…I bet it is the same crowd who don’t believe in evolution either…but I experienced this same intrangience on either side of the political spectrum in my lifetime…the sense of “I’m right and you’re wrong” and if you voice anything that deviates, you are pilloried…So, I think it is more of that but squared & fed by 24/7 cable and talk radio
      gesticulators, for hand gestures is all they have on either side of this spectrum. I have a hand gesture of my own that seems to work. The “off” button.

  3. You know, Razz…your language may be more accurate than mine. The contorted, angry faces, the sheer madness of righteousness that sucks oxygen out of the room may indeed qualify as anti-democratic fascists. I worry, too. But, at the same time we elected, as a nation, someone who appears to be able to hold two contradictory thoughts in his head at the same time without his eyes popping out their sockets.

    Seriously, after some of these “debates” on TV and in meeting halls they should check the floor for eyeballs.

  4. i absolutely love the images above, the rough smears of color fading in and out, the repetition, it’s beautiful even tho…(personally i have closed the door on such debates, too long i have sat writhing in discomfort with agitas and there’s no antacid i can find to soothe it)

  5. I fear that the U.S. is becoming too dumb as a whole.

    People yelling at eachother doesn’t get anything done.
    I’m so tired of it. It’s so immature!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to eat my Skittles and go back to my video game.

    • Why don’t you go and eat your skittles, watch video games and post a new blog! July 2 was a long time ago and though you are v. popular on facebook, you can’t be as funny there. I can’t pimp you anymore if you don’t post!!

  6. That’s pretty blunt, but you have a point!

    I SHOULD go eat my Skittles.

    (hyuk hyuk)

    I do need to post more. I’m trying to simplify my life lately so I can do just that. And what would I do without your pimping?

    MORE Skittles, that’s what. My dentist will never forgive you.

    • Oh, blunt. Yes. I can be. And, was in that comment. But, also not precisely blunt enough. Here goes Version 2:
      EVen though you still are screamingly funny with your status updates and comment responses on FB, the long form of the blog allows your customized to narrative hotel photos to shine and maybe it’s me but those dim light yellowy shots of you suspended over a hotel chair as if you were taking a nature break just can’t be reproduced on FB.

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