Lover of Trains

By: pbcmedia

Aug 14 2009

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Category: Photography, PORTRAITS, TRAINS, Trucks and Trains


Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I had watched him watching for the train standing on the yellow line.

When it finally came, he ran to his mother, arms waving, “The train is coming.  The train is coming.”

When the train left the station, his mother touched his head and said, “Let’s go.”

She takes him to see the commuter trains arrive at the station and then they go back home.

I told them I loved trains, too.  But, I should have been bolder and asked to take his photo in a proper way and gotten his name.

Maybe I’ll make him a card with this photo and put it in the car in case I see him again.

This new venture of photographing people is going to be hard for me.  The conductor of the train saw me taking his picture and shot me a look and waved to the engineer to power up and get out of Dodge.

If looks could kill, I’d be speaking to you today from the great beyond.

©Pat Coakley 2oo9

4 comments on “Lover of Trains”

  1. The challenge is on! I should have a people picture up later today.

    I am thinking of getting business cards made to make it easier to approach people. Other photographers tell me Moo Cards are great. You can upload some of your better photos to use as business card backgrounds. Google “Moo Cards”

    Another trick is to tell people you are an internet publisher, work for an internet publisher, or produce an online magazine. Don’t tell people you are a blogger. Some people don’t know what a blog is and others think blogging is just as bad as a MySpace page.

    Good Luck!

    You’ll need it! Prepare for a blizzard of pain when I start in on this challenge.

  2. Interesting, that gentle touch on the back of his head. Unless you were there (as you were) it’s not clear what it means, and I had to go back and wonder about it before reading.
    I’ll be interested in watching how this “challenge” progresses, since I have my own hang-ups about sticking a camera in people’s faces.

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  4. […] previous posts in this series, I had one image of two people but from behind them, and two images of car wash attendants, One and Two with […]

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