TED KENNEDY, 1932-2009

By: pbcmedia

Aug 26 2009

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Focal Length:100mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

In the garden of good and evil, life and death, beauty, flaws and complexity–some shall survive despite the temperature, winds or headlines.  I think he’ll be one of the them.



13 comments on “TED KENNEDY, 1932-2009”

  1. Amen Pat. Thank you for leaving us with hopeful tears.

    • Well, I’m glad I’m doing someone some good because I feel horrible! This morning I have gone through every loss in my life which at 64 is not a short list!

  2. beautiful picture and sentiments. he was a great man, and will be missed

    • Oh, Tipota, I have been so surprised how affected I am by his passing. You had so much more personal interaction with him and the family living on Cape Cod as well as some of the “causes” which brought him directly into your life.

      I took this photograph in the dead of winter of Queen Anne’s Lace by the pond near me. I always loved it but just couldn’t find the perfect narrative for it, till this morning. It is so resilient this flower, just like…

  3. Ted Kennedy: “The dream shall never die.”

    • You are right, BJH, of course. But, right now, it feels like it has. I’ve got to talk to myself over the next few days and straighten up!

  4. It is interesting when you think of the Kennedy clan… for no one is ever wholly good or bad. Just human. All of their flaws were laid out for us all to see. Each mistake was under the microscope for us all. I hope they are at rest with their beloved family now… playing football as they once loved to do with their mother watching.

    Amazing photo Pat.

  5. instinctively one knew he was good. its that instinct makes you feel that way. in spite of the tragedies he was a man who had to stand up to scrutiny, in some tough personal situations showing remarkable resolve and strength,
    as well as his dedication and good works, his humanity draws us. in my town, the kennedys for many years, have always been good people, good neighbors, real and down to earth.

    • I Just sent you an email. I’m going in today to doff my cap at the motorcade through Boston. A wave goodbye, safe harbors.

  6. A couple years ago I saw Ted Kennedy getting dropped off at Washington National Airport. He was getting out of his car as I stepped off the hotel van. He had a glow of charisma about him. It was easy to see how he held his senate seat for so long from just that one chance passing. I wanted to walk up to him and thank him for how hard he had fought for organized labor throughout his career, but he looked busy and I chickened out. The only good I can see coming from his passing is maybe it will inspire the democrats to unite and finally pass a health care bill.

    • I am hoping, Dave, that his death will have the same inspiration as you. All of us in Boston Irish families have that charisma, but not all of us go much deeper than that. He did.

  7. You two have/had much in common – foremost, you are both master “eulogizers” (if there is such a word). I just listened to a auditory collage of his many family eulogies and they were all eloquent and right on the mark without being maudlin. Did you take lessons from him???

    • You know, Hollis, I never did study his eulogies in preparing the ones I have done, but I certainly knew how important words can be at a time like that from hearing his eulogy of Bobby Kennedy. So, I think, his influence was words when chosen carefully and delivered from the heart at a moment you’ll never get back, it makes a difference to those in the pews.

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