Taxi Driver II-New York City-Working, The Series

By: pbcmedia

Sep 02 2009

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Focal Length:50mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

This is the fifth in a series called, “Working”,

I am trying to photograph people who are working and often invisible to us and I’m  also trying to get over my discomfort with asking strangers if I may photograph them.

In previous posts in this series, I had one image of two people but from behind them, and  two images of car wash attendants, One and Two with permission, and one without, seen through suds and water.

And, then, one last week of a New York City Taxi driver, named Jehan-Max.  This is also Jehan-Max but I’ve given him night, a view of his New York City looking uptown from 82nd street and the perspective of a pilot flying a cab through the night sky.

He drove fast, closer to flying than driving, and his personality was as big and dynamic as New York City itself, so I’ve done this portrait, and one other that I’ll post tomorrow, cuz I really do have to force myself this week to ask someone ELSE if I can take their picture.

I have to say, though… I’m not sorry I lingered another week with this man.

If one is going to begin to photograph working folks in New York City, hail a yellow flying cab, and cross your fingers Jehan-Max is behind the wheel.

Tell him he looks fabulous.

You won’t be lying.

©Pat Coakley 2009

Photographs cannot be used without written permission

10 comments on “Taxi Driver II-New York City-Working, The Series”

  1. This is a really fun picture! I just couldn’t help doing the double take on the vantage point out the window. I’ll be looking for the yellow flying-cab next time!

    • Thanks, Don! Flyboy must have seen it and decided not to post his and go out and shoot new ones! A flying cabbie, after all, is Pow! Kazaam! In your radar, big talker. I’m flying over NYC!

  2. very cool!
    There is so much to look at in this one.

    • Oh, Ross, I just read your response on Razz’s site about photos packed with too much making your head hurt! I’m glad this wasn’t one of them!

  3. A dark and oily city with a bright set of eyes to steer a path through it all. A good metaphor for life, actually.

    Good piece of communication.

    • Damn, Razz. That’s really a good description, dark and oil city with a bright set of eyes steering a path. That is exactly what that guy was like!

  4. Damn woman, you never cease to amaze me..

  5. Wow… great shot and I like what you did in PP. Well done!

    • Thank you, nbukrey. I couldn’t possibly remember all that I did in PP with this one. Some I can execute fairly rapidly, but this one took a lot of trial and error. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  6. Amber, I’m so amazing that I posted a duplicate of this blog so now there are two of them with two sets of comments from different folks. Don’t try to “schedule” a post to be published unless you know what you are doing is my take-away from this!

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