Men and Weight: Pas de Pound

In my next life, I’d like to try being a man for just a few reasons.

One of them is weight.

Men seem to carry it and say “Yeah, so?”

They lose weight faster than women, too.

In my Weight Watcher’s meeting, many female sets of eyes roll when a man says he’s lost 5 lbs in the past week.  Some mutter under their breath, “Man.”


I’m not bitter.  I’m more into interpretive dance as many of you know.

This man, photographed in NYC while I’m whizzing by him in Mr. Cab Fabulosity, is my pas de pound.

As I passed him, I heard him say without bitterness:

“I’m hip.  I’m stylin’.  I have friends.   See,  I’m textin’!”

©Pat Coakley 2009


Visit my Muddah Nature photoblog, Singular Sensation, and find out why flowers can hurt your feelings.  Photo Rule #19.

7 comments on “Men and Weight: Pas de Pound”

  1. You KNOW he’s looking at porn, right?

  2. I saw amen sistah to that one! Sheesh!

  3. that is a fabulous photograph! i think he’s awfully cute with his cottoncandy pink shirt and candycane umbrella. a very sweet guy.

  4. The angles, his stance, the colors, the geometry created between the umbrella and his legs, the parallel between the umbrella and his feet, and the lesser but just as noticeable supporting character; The Green Traffic Light on stage left!

    Your avoirdupois is in your eye. It’s seriously heavy.
    And you caught this while riding by in a cab!
    At least you weren’t behind the wheel this time.

    Oh, and they also often have longer eyelashes too……

  5. Truth is, he probably is checking Zagat for his next bit of sustenance — and if he’s like many men, he probably has no idea he’s carrying a little extra until some woman or his doctor points it out to him. Bonnie’s right, great shot!

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