Winslow Homer, I Wish. Goddammit.

By: pbcmedia

Sep 07 2009

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Focal Length:180mm
Camera:Canon EOS 5D

I labored on Labor Day in the fields of magic lighting and mist.

On a day that my car broke down and had to be towed (again, if anyone is keeping score) right after taking these photos (3 in total) , I realized once again that creativity never breaks down on me totally kaput like an automobile.

It takes me farther than any bag of bolts, too.  I tried to visit Winslow Homer’s series of paintings about his fishing and hunting trips in the Adirondacks ( I bow from the waist to Winslow Homer just so you know) in this image.  So what if I didn’t make it.  I enjoyed the journey.

There’s also no sales tax on creativity.

There’s no hungry looking salesman with furtive eyes.

Just morning mist fisherman and the hint of leaves turning.


Winslow, you make unrequited love exquisite.  Surely, we all would chose it if you would travel with us.

But..for now, sorry to say, we are traveling on foot goddammit to all hell.

©Pat Coakley 2009


Singular Sensation, my photoblog of Photo Tips for flower and plant lovers, now has 20 rules!  The latest is called, “The Art of Decay”

10 comments on “Winslow Homer, I Wish. Goddammit.”

  1. Magical image! I like your comments on creativity, too. Although we can spend plenty serving that muse, there is no requirement. Creativity can be as free as the spirit.
    (Of course, it’s nice to have the car fixed so you can get out and “see” things like this.)

    • Don, I’m now traveling in a rental car, Chevy Volt…never even heard of the car before…we’ll see where me and my volt take me. Par for the course, the mechanics seem confounded as to what is wrong with my own car. You know when they call you and say, “Hmmmm…” we are in real trouble. I did a whole series of photographs from this misty pond that I actually printed out! The world of print…sometimes, with three blogs, I forget.

  2. What a fabulous image… seriously. It looks more like a painting rather than a photo. You continually amaze me.

    Im sorry about your car. What a bummer. That must be frustrating. :(

  3. It is a very amazing photo.

    … I’m going fishing.

    • For some reason, PR, the thought of all six feet plus of you in a small fishing boat makes me laugh. Perhaps, a new series? T-shirt, at least. I could see a continuing saga of planetross’ tall tales of the one that got away.

  4. I absolutely love this shot, I believe it looks exactly like a painting, though were it a painting I suppose we would say it looks just like a photo, strange isn’t it?

    • Oh, this pleases me that you like this, Mary! (me, too, but don’t tell anyone, OK?) and you are right about the nether world of painting/photograph, too!

  5. the textures and tintype tones, it has deconstruction, as if the mist on the water wipes away some of the resilient matter, the boat from a different dimension floats comfortably under the skin, the whole image in a dreamlike place w/reflection clear in the foreground, i agree with don,
    it is magical.

  6. Tipota, I’ve been coming back to look at this image and have decided to try and do more with it. The color of Winslow Homer keeps calling me. We’ll see. Or not. Thanks!

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